Saturday, March 29, 2014

Obama, Putin & The Perception Of Power

by JASmius

Jeanine Pirro explains the Obama Doctrine, apparently without fully recognizing it for what it is:

If global geopolitics were a faculty lounge, Barack Obama would lose anyway, but all he, and we, would lose is face.  In the real world, the stakes are more than a smidgen higher.  Human lives, nations' freedom and even continued existence are determined in the ebb and flow of international relations.  The way such valued factors get taken or defended, depending on your point of view, is, ultimately, by military force.  The more credible a country's military strength and the strength of character of its leaders, the safer and more secure that country will be.  Correspondingly, the more credible America's military strength and the strength of character of its leaders, the safer and more secure humanity will be.  And vice versa.

Ronald Reagan rebuilt America's military capabilities and had in abundance the strength of character needed to face down the mightiest military power ever to exist on this planet, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  The result?  America won the Cold War without firing a shot.  Barack Obama is dismantling America's military capabilities, displaying his loathing of his own country like a hairlip, abandoning allies and embracing enemies as fast as he can, and standing steadfast only in his belief in his ability to talk his way out of, and other people into, anything.

For his entire life, O's solution to anything and everything has been to give a speech.  And for his entire life, his audience has bowed down and worshipped him.  So he naturally believes that that template applies to foreign policy as well.

Vladimir Putin has tanks.  And APCs.  And combat aircraft.  And missiles.  And nukes.  And for some strange, mysterious reason, they proved better able to take Putin into Ukraine than O's words did in keeping him out.

So, obviously, The One hasn't been yakking enough.

I'm sure Russian armored columns will be greatly entertained as they approach Kiev.

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