Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A few thoughts about modern education

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Schools no longer teach our children how to think, but instead attempts to teach them "what" to think.

Modern Academia teaches everyone to think the same.  People are easier to control that way, and division is easier to promote.  The current drive by academia kills independent thought, and quells innovation.  The liberal left doesn't trust individualism, and they are doing all they can to kill individual thought.  The leftists believe that society can only function properly if the ruling elite of the liberal left is guiding it.

Dumb the children down, and they will be easier to control as adults.

After all, according to the liberal left, the community is more important than the individual.  Individualism is dangerous.  Independent thought is dangerous.

Conform, or be expelled from society.

Class warfare is the goal.  The Bourgeois versus the Proletariat.

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