Monday, April 28, 2014

Bob Schieffer: Romney May Run If Jeb Bush Doesn't

by JASmius


Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney may take another run at the White House, "[Def]ace the Nation" host Bob Schieffer said.

The veteran CBS newsman said that despite Romney’s repeated claims that he’s not interested in joining the GOP race for 2016, the ex-Massachusetts governor could run if former Florida Governor Jeb Bush opts against seeking the nomination.

"I have a source that told me that if Jeb Bush decides not to run, that Mitt Romney may actually try it again," Schieffer said during a panel discussion on the CBS Sunday morning news show.

Unless that "source" is Mitt Romney himself, I wouldn't slam my nuts in a drawer over the specter of such a prospect, my Tea Party friends.

Which is something of a shame, actually.  In fact, I wouldn't mind seeing Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Mitt Romney all run in 2016, as that way there would be multiple RINOs battling over the "establishment" vote, while the conservative/grassroots/Tea Party vote would be wide open for a single candidate like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to sweep, Reaganesquely, to the Republican nomination and the White House beyond.

And don't think the media doesn't realize this.  Hence, this frantic "any RINO we can find" ruminating.

Odd; doesn't Mr. Schieffer have any confidence that Barack Obama will pull off his coup?  Is the old man losing his faith?

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