Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ted Cruz: Has Obama Armed ISIS Terrorists?

by JASmius

This is from a week ago, but no less relevant a question now:

Senator Cruz's most consistent error is in persisting in the belief that the Clinton-Obama pro-jihadist foreign policy is "erroneous".  Is it really that big an intellectual chasm to bridge to realize that maybe, just maybe, the Regime wanted the American position in the Middle East to collapse?  And that perhaps Barack Obama fully endorses "Reverend" Jeremiah Wright's post-9/11 thunderation that America "had [al Qaeda's mass casualty attacks] coming" and deserves even worse "punishments" to come?

Besides, the chasm in question isn't all that wide.  Whether Obamunists have always been jihadi-symps or devolved to that view because their moral narcissism wouldn't allow them to admit the error to which Senator Cruz refers, the end result is the same.  So why give them the benefit of the doubt?  It's not as though inter-partisan "kid gloves" are going to make the slightest bit of difference.

It also renders his question rhetorical - Of course Barack Obama armed ISIS.  He was doing so out of the Benghazi consulate long before they picked up all the military hardware we left behind in Iraq.  It's almost an insult to our intelligence.  Which, of course, is why he posed it to Erin Burnett, because she has no intelligence to insult.

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