Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Immigration: Democrats Go Off The Deep End

By Douglas V. Gibbs

There are two things about the liberal left progressive commie Democrats that never change.

1: They attack fiercest what they fear the most.

2: Once they think they have an issue conquered, it becomes a shark-like feeding frenzy.

The Democrats believe they have conquered illegal immigration, that it is their issue (even though 77% of Americans say deport the illegals, and 82% say secure the border).  They believe most of America agrees with them, and if you don't, as with any other issue, opposition becomes targets for labels of bigotry, racism, and refusal to protect the children.  But now, they have gone even further. . . because now they are using time honored patriotic American ideas to push through their agenda to gain more voters, while simultaneously putting in place a piece of their Cloward-Piven Strategy, which includes destroying the American System as it was created, and changing the demographics of America to ensure they remain in power in perpetuity.

Remember, the liberal left politicians do not care about what is best for America.  What they want is what is best for their power and wealth.  Their agenda, as a collective, comes before anything else.  They believe welcoming illegal aliens, flooding the country with unsustainable numbers, overwhelming the welfare system, and bankrupting hospitals is what is best for their agenda. . . and they do it under the guise of humanitarianism, feelings, and now. . . patriotism.

Chaos is their friend, and crisis allows them to do things they normally couldn't do.

Now for the artificial patriotism.

Nancy Pelosi, member of Congress, and the former Speaker of the House, has proclaimed that not only is the border crisis a humanitarian issue, but that "We are all Americans."  And if we are all Americans, then of course the next thing she uttered was, "We cannot have deportation without representation."

Almost sounds like a revolutionary cry, doesn't it?  Does she think Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and James Madison would support this madness?

Of course she does.

Let me get this straight.  If you break into my house, and you demand that I give you my food, clothe you, expose myself to your illness, and let you sleep under my roof, the fact that you broke the law breaking in in the first place should not only be set aside, but you are supposed to also become as much a member of my household as I am?


The pieces are in place.  The Democrats have demonized impeachment by attacking it squarely, which means it will now never happen, and they have reduced the health and national security issue involving gang members and terrorists of illegal immigration to a humanitarian crisis that must be approached with love and respect because the border crossers are poor little children escaping as refugees.

Never mind what the truth really is.  Never mind that after a visit down south a Congressman saw no war-torn conditions that warrants the illegals being called refugees.  A large segment of the poor little children are actually teenage gang members covered in tattoos often doing the bidding of the drug cartels, and a large percentage of the illegal aliens are from North Africa or the Middle East and that as this is happening groups like ISIS and al Qaeda hunger for jihad in America.

One democrat has gone so far as to say that letting this flood of people into our country and legalizing them will reduce the deficit.

In what economic universe is that true?  The vast majority of these people are determined to latch on to our food stamps and welfare system.  They are seeking free health care, free food, free housing, and anything else they can get for free - because they have been told they are entitled to it. . . and many of them think they are also in a war, taking the land back from the white man.

We already have a massive amount of people seeking work, and you are going to add an unconfirmed number of unemployed, homeless people to that list?  And yet, in somebody's fantasyland it is believed that would "reduce" our deficit?

Immediately, I think to myself, "Are these people mad?"

No, they have an agenda, and the truth is not their concern.  The destruction of our system is not a concern.  In fact, that is the plan.  It is all about agenda, not about what is good for America.

The United States is but a tool, an international tool for a worldwide agenda. . . which is why the United Nations is getting involved, and is working with the Democrats to abolish our sovereignty as a nation, and ultimately to override, and abolish, our Constitution.

Working with the internationalists, communists, and other anti-American organizations and people, President Obama is even considering making sure he doesn't have to deal with the public on this issue by flying the illegal aliens into the United States on your tax dollars, so that those poor people don't have to deal with the trip, and having to cross the border.  And Obama doesn't plan to run that by Congress, either.  He has decided that he must now use his "executive powers" (unconstitutional powers) to override Congress, ignore the people, and force his Executive Amnesty into place. . . whether you like it, or not.

In the end, immigration is not unlike any other issue.  The ultimate goal is not what we see on the surface.  The goal is not about immigration, birth control, abortion, marriage, gun control, health care, or anything else you can throw on the bonfire.  In the end, the aim is the same with all of those issues.  Federal control over local issues.  Forcing the federal government's will upon the communities of the United States, and upon the individuals of this country, whether they like it or not, in order to establish a larger realm of federal supremacy, and ultimately, an unbreakable oligarchy run by a ruling elite that believes they know more about your life than you.  Freedom must be sacrificed, they will tell you, for a little security.  And they are the ones who understand what is best for you.  Submit.  Obey.  Be conquered.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary


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