Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Islamic State Round-Up, Mass Executions

by JASmius

This is happening while the world attacks Israel, and tens of thousands of Muslims around the world demonstrate in what can only be called death marches calling for the genocide of the Jews. The Islamic State is waging jihad war across the Middle East — slaughtering en masse in the most brutal and vicious ways imaginable, but it is the  besieged Jews who spark outrage and condemnation.

The Islamic State is met with silence. Where are the Muslim marches? Where are the UN resolutions?

It’s worse than that. The Islamic State is holding rallies in Europe. No counter protest. No media outrage. How is it even legal for an Islamic  terrorist organization like the Islamic State to openly rally on the streets of a European city while good, decent men like Geert Wilders or Lars Hedegaard are brought up charges of racism and hate speech for opposing jihad?

Silence in the face of jihad is horrible enough, but to attack those defending themselves from this scourge is unfathomable.

Israel is defending itself  from this ideology, from this very same enemy. Watch the video.

This is the poison fruit of Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy in the Middle East in Africa. Iraq has deteriorated into a terror state, as has Libya — two of Obama’s crowning achievements.

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