Friday, August 29, 2014

Ex-CIA Agent: Obama Switched Sides In War On Terror

by JASmius

I actually disagree with that assertion - since when was Barack Obama ever on our side of the War On Terror to begin with?:

Former CIA special operations manager Clare Lopez talks with Rick Wiles of Trunews in this recent interview about the real face of Islam and makes the explosive charge that practically accuses Barack Obama of treason.

This is not an "explosive" charge, for two reasons: (1) Barack Obama's treason is becoming blindingly self-evident; and (2) Clare Lopez will be consigned to the outer darkness of "right-wing fascist Nazi racist Islamophobic kookdom" in direct proportion to the degree of media attention her charge attracts.  And if it manages to gain any semi-serious traction anyway, she'll just be ground up into tofu for Michelle's serving platter by the Regime like Dinesh D'Souza was.

You know when Clare Lopez's charge will really become "explosive"?  I think you know....

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