Saturday, August 30, 2014

Obama Downplays Threat: 'World's Always Been Messy'

by JASmius

A picture is worth a thousand ledes:

Barack Obama told a group of Democratic donors today that despite turmoil in Ukraine and Iraq the U.S. faces less of a threat than it did during the Cold War.

Horsepucky.  The U.S. faced much larger potential consequences - mass death and destruction, nuclear winter, etc. - during the Cold War, but the actual chances of all-out - which is to say, nuclear - war with the Soviet Union were substantially less than are the chances of war with the Islamic State, which is already at war with us and has bigger ambitions for WMDing the American homeland than even al Qaeda ever did.  And more to the point, jihadists love death, and are convinced their demon "god" commands it; quite the opposite of the atheistic rationalists in the old Kremlin, who, like Hillary Clinton, only wanted to go to war if they were guaranteed to win.  Consequently, the threat America faces today is, on balance, greater now than it was back then.

The U.S. has confronted greater dangers and overcame them, including the stand-off with the former Soviet Union following World War II, he said.

Who overcame the Soviet Union, Barry?  Ronald Reagan.  How did he do it?  Rebuilding a strong U.S. military AND economy and confronting the USSR.  Would you have pursued any of the Gipper's policies?  No, you would not have.

So shut the hell up.

“This is not something that’s comparable to the challenges we faced in the Cold War,” Obama said. “This is something we can handle.”

But you're not handling it, Barry.  Thirty-six hours ago you said you "had no strategy" for any of it.  That's like telling a eunuch to jerk off, or locking him in a round room and telling him to piss in the corner.  If you had been in power during the Cold War, мы бы сейчас говорить России.  Or we'd be extinct.

Instead, thanks to you, the Islamic State will just do it to us piecemeal.

Exit rhetorical question: Any guesses on why O burbled this horrifying imbecility at a Democrat fundraiser?  And you only get one.

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joetote said...

Hopefully with full apologies to the insult against Alfred E Neuman. :-)