Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Captain Oinks Slamming America

by JASmius

H3N2, to be more specific, a mutated strain cases of which are, eerily enough, most highly concentrated in the same region of the country out of which Enterovirus D-68 suddenly and not so "mysteriously" erupted back at the start of the school year:

Those particularly at risk are those over sixty-five and younger than four and across the nation 2,500 people have been hospitalized because of the growing crisis, which is worsening.

According to the CDC, data from 122 US cities shows deaths from influenza and pneumonia exceeded the national baseline and is at the epidemic threshold of 6.8%.
The new data also reflects the fact that the number of states reporting high flu activity has risen from thirteen to twenty-two.

The reason for the national explosion in flu numbers is this years H3N2 virus has mutated and reduced the effectiveness of the vaccine which was pre-prepared.

About 90% of flu cases so far this year have been the virulent H3N2 subtype, the CDC reported.

Is anybody at the Obama CDC even considering, or having the possibility even occur to them, that perhaps, just maybe, the cause of this mutation of H3N2 stems from the huge influx of diseased migrants from Latin America this past summer?  It certainly seems like a possibility exploration of which ought to be part of the CDC's due diligence.  Which is why it will remain the unspoken, sniffling, coughing, hacking, sneezing, shivering, eight-hundred-pound gorilla in the virology birdcage.  Notice from the link above that we had to go to the London Daily Mail even to learn about the Captain Oinks epidemic and the sparse dots I connected above.  Ironic it is that the only place Americans can learn ALL the news is an external source who will eventually outlive the State-side population it is most effectively serving.

Exit question: If H3N2 has mutated and existing flu inoculations are no longer effective, what point is there to dropping thirty bucks on a shot that won't keep you out of several weeks' misery anyway?

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