Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jihadists Attack Libyan Hotel

by JASmius

The religion of peace strikes again:

Libyan officials said four foreigners and five guards were killed Tuesday after gunmen stormed a luxury hotel in the Libyan capital of Tripoli. The ensuring standoff ended when two assailants set off a grenade that killed them, officials said.

The attack on the Corinthia Hotel, which sits along the Mediterranean Sea, started in the morning hours and included a car bombing, said Essam al-Naas, a spokesman for a Tripoli security agency. Libya’s security forces responded and after an hourslong standoff, the attackers threw a grenade at the security forces, killing themselves and a security guard. Ten people were also wounded in the attack, including security guards and guests.

I can't beat Warner Todd Huston's punchline:

Count down until Obama explains this away as nothing to do with Islam....

Either that, or until the White House sends out another decapitation letter.

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