Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Obama Regime Trying To Overthrow Benjamin Netanayahu

by JASmius

From the same man who couldn't be bothered to utter a peep of support for Iranian freedom fighters in the Green Revolution, which he obviously wanted to see mercilessly and brutally crushed as much as his friends in the Iranian mullagarchy did.  But he feels perfectly entitled to eagerly, enthusiastically, and blatantly interfere in Israeli domestic politics to perpetrate coups de tat against heretofore allied foreign leaders he loathes with hellfire passion:

A consulting firm almost entirely composed of former staffers of President Obama’s re-election campaign has been hired to run an election effort in Israel aimed at defeating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The conservative blogosphere is reporting Jeremy Bird, national field director for Obama’s 2012 campaign, is now working for a new non-profit group, V15, that is running an effort to defeat Netanyahu in the upcoming election.

A closer look at Bird’s consulting firm as well as its working relationship with the Israeli groups finds he is just one of scores of former senior Obama election campaign staffers now working on the anti-Netanyahu effort.

It isn't just former Obamunist apparatchiks, either:

A U.S. State Department-funded group is financing an Israeli campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and has hired former Obama aides to help with its grassroots organizing efforts.

U.S.-based activist group OneVoice International has partnered with V15, an “independent grassroots movement” in Israel that is actively opposing Netanyahu’s party in the upcoming elections, Ha’aretz reported on Monday. Former national field director for President Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign Jeremy Bird is also reportedly involved in the effort.

OneVoice development and grants officer Christina Taler said the group would be working with V15 on voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts but would not engage in overtly partisan activities. She said OneVoice and V15 are still formalizing the partnership.

While V15 has not endorsed any particular candidates, it is working to oppose Netanyahu in the March elections. [emphasis added]

Shinola, why don't they just hand this black-op over to the CIA and be done with it?

Remember how the American Left is always shrieking about the "Zionist Lobby" and its inordinate influence over and control/manipulation of the American political process for the eeeeeevil Joooooos?  Looks like still another manifestation of leftwing psychological projection to me.

Although it must be said that Barack Obama isn't the first Democrat despot to foment insurrections in Isreal.  Bill Clinton's efforts proved to be successful in replacing Bibi in 1999 with Labor's ironically surnamed Ehud Barak, who proceeded to attempt to give away the entire West Bank to the late Yassir Arafat, only to have the PLO chieftain declare Barak's suicidal offer insufficient and launch the second Intifada.  A "Final Solution" process that O clearly hopes to reprise.

We must remember Barack Obama's delusion-of-godhood narcissistic mentality.  He wants Iran to eradicate Israel, and expects the Jewish State to docilely cooperate in its own demise.  Benjamin Netanyahu refuses to stick his country's head in The One's noose, "insubordinately" declines to follow King Hussein's orders, and has the temerity to accept perfectly legitimate invitations from U.S. congressional leaders to come to Dear Leader's own backyard to argue against his anti-Semitic (and anti-American and anti-Western) foreign policy.  Such "uppitiness" from what he considers to be an absolutely insufferable "Hebe" cannot be tolerated, and before the Jews can be "put back in their place" of diaspora and genocide, their leader must be toppled and destroyed.

Something tells me Yahweh is not pleased.

But it does throw the White House's claim that O is jilting Bibi so as to not be perceived as "trying to influence the Israeli election" that will take place two weeks after his congressional address into a whole other filthy light, doesn't it?

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