Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Barack Obama Vetoes Potential Prosperity to Appease Environmentalists

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After threats to veto any Keystone Pipeline bill, Obama made good on his promise and rejected federal legislation that would have allowed the Keystone XL oil pipeline to be built between Canada and the United States.  With the Republican majority in the U.S. Senate barely creeping over 50%, overturning the veto seems unlikely.  However, an override vote is planned before March 4.  

Meanwhile, the States affected by the pipeline have not caught on that any federal influence over the pipeline, aside from its point of entry at the national border, is unconstitutional.  The Constitution does not allow the federal government to dictate to States their method of commerce, and in this case, the Commerce Clause does not apply.

The original intent of the Commerce Clause, despite judicial rulings that claim otherwise, seizing the power of controlling interstate commerce illegally for the federal government, was for the "federal regulation" of interstate commerce to be limited to "putting interstate commerce in good order," meaning that the only influence the federal government is supposed to have on interstate commerce would be when there is a dispute between the States, and the federal government has to be involved in order to act as a mediator, or referee.

Since our Congress Critters have no concept of the original intent of the Constitution, and since Obama, like Congress, believes the tripe presented by case law, which declares the federal government has unlimited control over interstate commerce, in an act of direct defiance against the Republican majority in Congress, Obama vetoed the Keystone Pipeline bill.  Obama's veto establishes his position, and the Democrat Party's position, on the pipeline, setting the issue up as one of the points of battle between presidential candidates, as well as legislative candidates, in the 2016 election.

The 1,179-mile (1,900-kilometer) TransCanada-built pipeline would transport crude from oil sands in energy-rich Alberta province to a network of pipelines that reach across the United States to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, where the oil may be refined, and exported.

On the surface, the stance of the Democrats against the pipeline, is confusing.  Despite their screams that the pipeline would be environmentally dangerous, the evidence reveals that transporting the oil by pipeline is environmentally safer than loading it on rail or sea going vessels.  The Keystone Pipeline would also include the United States in the process of transporting and refining the Canadian oil, which would provide revenue and an economic boom, as well as massive job creation, for Americans.  Obama, in his veto, claimed he is not against the project in principle, but indicated he believed the members of Congress were trying to "circumvent longstanding and proven processes" for gauging whether Keystone is in the national interest.

Obama was referring to the fact that a number of studies regarding the environmental safety of the pipeline were not complete, yet.  Republicans cited a State Department assessment last year that indicates the Keystone project would have minimal environmental impact and create 42,000 construction jobs.

Environmentalists, Democrats, and those interested in reducing America's oil independence, erroneously rant and rave that the Keystone Pipeline project carries potential oil spill risks and creates very few permanent jobs. Environmentalists say extracting the heavy petroleum from Alberta's oil sands will exacerbate the hoax of global man-made climate change.

Democrats also have a problem with the lack of taxation, because the bill carried in it provisions excluding TransCanada from certain fees and taxes.  Leftists have termed the lack of taxation a "giveaway" to a foreign firm.

The American People have revealed in polls to be heavily in favor of the Keystone Pipeline project.

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