Thursday, February 26, 2015

FCC Votes to Unconstitutionally Seize Power Over the Internet

FCC Democrats join hands as they prepare to vote in favor
of unconstitutional federal intrusion of internet, and
online free speech.
By Douglas V. Gibbs

The liberal left progressives have taken yet another step towards their goal to ultimately silence all opposition.  Hand in hand, the smug Democrats of the Federal Communications Commission, despite constitutional requirements of congressional participation, despite the lack of constitutional authority for the agency, or any other part of the federal government, to control and restrict the internet, and despite an overwhelming disapproval of their proposed actions by the people of this country, voted to seize control of the internet, and to do so above the law, and without any regard to the rule of law.

According to the headline at Yahoo News, the decision was to "ban internet discrimination," meaning that the industry would not be allowed to create internet packages like cable companies have done with television, where access to certain parts of the internet may depend on how much you pay the service provider for that access.  This has been the argument by the leftists from the beginning, even though the service providers have not attempted such a move, and have not indicated they plan to make such a move.  Limiting access would be something consumers would not approve of, and give opportunity to small providers that would not go along with such a move, and continue to offer unfettered access to the internet.

Government control over industries hamper growth, and innovation.  The internet is a service, and honestly, if packages did appear as the Democrats have warned, should not new innovation be priced as necessary?

However, the 332 pages of regulations are more than a restriction on the big bad corporations.  The regulations hamper the private industry, allowing government dictates to control the internet, for certain actions to require government approval, and opening the door for the censoring of activities or speech.  Government control over any issue has never created more freedom, as the purveyors of this vote claim.  The FCC decision is a case of the federal government meddling into the free market, and opening the opportunity for them to restrict and control the flow of information, something that tyrannies always dream of doing.

Will the oppressive control over the internet instantly appear?  Of course not.  It will be accomplished in the way tyranny is always injected.  Slowly, meticulously, and incrementally.  But, the 332 pages of internet regulations will expand, and eventually control of the internet will be used by these hard left progressives to silence their opposition, and eliminate any voice that dares to stand against them.

Today's vote will embolden the Democrats.  Other intrusions into free speech are on the way, which will include a new, renewed push for the Fairness Doctrine so that they may also target and silence any opposition on radio and television, as well.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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