Saturday, February 28, 2015

FCC's Ajit Pai: Even Dems Admit Obama Owns Net Neutrality

by JASmius

Prior to Thursday, O's Internet crackdown was compulsorily clandestine; now that the techno trachea tourniquet is in place, even Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is taking swooning victory laps around her party's golden calf:

FCC commissioner Ajit Pai says the barrage of criticism he's received for labeling "net neutrality" as President Barack Obama's plan is bogus — because the Democratic National Committee agrees with him.

And Pai also told Newsmax TV's The Steve Malzberg Show on Friday that Obama embraced the plan to regulate the Internet as a utility because he needed a "political issue" to push during his second term.

What, ObamaCare "tweaking" and Obamnesty weren't sufficient?  No!  They!  Weren't!

"If you look at some of the reports, it's pretty clear the White House was casting about for a political issue after the November election and they settled on net neutrality," said Pai, who was appointed by Obama and opposed the plan.

What, Obamnesty wasn't suff....oh, never mind.

"I've gotten a decent amount of criticism for calling it President Obama's plan, but today, if you look at the Democratic National Committee website, they brag about the fact that 'the FCC just approved President Obama's plan for Internet regulation.' "

"Well, when the political party that inspired it is taking credit for it, we have to call it what it is … a presidential plan to regulate the Internet."

Oh, I don't know, Commissioner Pai, we called it that three and a half months ago.  Nor do I think that The One moved to seize the Internet because he "needed a political issue" any more than he issued the Immigration Proclamation because he thought Obamerikastan had a dearth of Mexican restaurants.  Barack Obama sent "his" FCC after the 'Net like a lion after a lame wildebeest because it was the last remaining outpost of unfettered free market capitalism and the one and only remaining outlet for untrammeled mass free speech.  Something that he, as an orthodox Marxist-Alinskyist, could not tolerate, and was freed by the fall of the Democrat Senate to, as "the president he always wanted to be," ruthlessly terminate by slow, regulatory strangulation.

Or just flipping the off-switch, if the random whim suits him.  I'm sure that feature is in that 332-page vise somewhere.

Which sets the stage nicely for the 2016 presidential election that is increasingly looking like it may never take place.

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