Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bush 2016: Resolute For Amnesty

by JASmius

He defiantly expressed said resolution on a conference call hosted by the Alabama GOP, which counts as one of its most honored members the leader of the anti-amnesty caucus in the U.S. Senate.  Which means that Jeb either has as big a political death wish as Rand Paul or a sound reason to be so smugly confident of his bullet-proof-ness:

[Jeb] said that he believes President Obama’s executive actions to change immigration laws will be eventually ruled unconstitutional by federal courts....

Though he has no intention of rescinding it in the vanishingly small chance that he actually gets elected.

He reiterated that he backs “a path to earned legal status, not citizenship, but earned legal status. Where people get a provisional work permit, where they pay taxes, they pay a fine, they learn English, they work, they don’t receive federal government assistance and they — over extended period of time — they earn legal status.”

In other words, amnesty, to which all such rhetorical slippery-slopes lead at terminal velocity.

Bush said he welcomed the opportunity to explain his views on both subjects “because I find it interesting that people who share that view — rather than stick with the view and try to persuade people about it — in many cases have actually abandoned their views. I think the next president is going to have tougher times dealing with these issues than dealing with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin. If we’re going to bend with the wind, then it’ll be hard to imagine how we solve our problems.”

Bend to the clearly expressed public will, now eroding into resignation and despair?  I'm the first to acknowledge that leadership isn't getting out in front of where the public is already headed, because oftentimes (witness the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections), the public is woefully, frighteningly wrong, and a wise and strong leader will tell them so and try to persuade them back in the right direction, whatever the electoral consequences.  But on this issue, the public is indisputably on-target, and the border erasure crowd is not just wrong, but corruptly and criminally so, and the public simply and eminently justifiably doesn't trust anything they say about it.  For at least thirty years we've gotten the same BS double-talk about "building a fence" and "securing the border first" later in exchange for "comprehensive immigration reform" now, and then the former invariable never materializes before the amnestizers come back for even more.  Enough, already.

And yet here's Jeb, as much as saying, "In the end, you will nominate me, and I'm running on amnesty, and I will impose amnesty (or, rather, keep Obamnesty in place), and you will like it, because you have no choice".

It's quite an exercise is chutzpah - but is his borderline-arrogant confidence unfounded?

As a palliative, I give you Ann Coulter Tuesday overwhelming Jorge Ramos on Fusion:

Exit question: Any chance AC makes it onto any of the GOP presidential debate panels?  She might actually make the "debates" (which will otherwise sound like one of those radio "secret sound" contests) worth watching.

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