Saturday, May 30, 2015

Whatever, Dude: Martin O'Malley To Announce Presidential Bid

by JASmius

And then, there were....oh, thank God, this one's a Democrat:

Former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley is expected to announce Saturday in Baltimore that he will seek the Democrat nomination for president in 2016, launching a long-shot challenge against front-runner [in a pig's eye] Hillary Clinton.

O'Malley is set to speak at Federal Hill Park, in the city he served as mayor for seven years, which beginning last month was ravaged by riots as demonstrators protested the death of a twenty-five-year-old black man who had suffered injuries in police custody. The events led to scrutiny—and criticism from community advocates—of O'Malley's tough policing policies as mayor, a record that he has defended as he calls for improving relations between law enforcement and civilians. [emphasis added]

Doesn't that kill his nascent presidential bid right there?

O'Malley, who joins [Mrs.] Clinton and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democrat field, has spent months laying the groundwork for a run, with trips to Iowa and New Hampshire, high-profile hires to his political team, and recent e-mails and videos circulated on Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube about his “special announcement” in Baltimore.

And yet nobody can say exactly why - other, of course, than unfounded ego and unfettered ambition.

But "O-O-O-O'Malley" thinks he has a viable candidacy angle:

He is gearing up to position himself as a [communist] and a fresh face for a new generation, an O'Malley confidant said.

And thus two whole years younger than that old fossil....Barack Obama.  Who did the whole "fresh face" routine only seven years ago.  Double-M is barely even getting on the caboose of that train, it's so stale.

At fifty-two, he is the youngest candidate in the Democrat contest — a decade and a half younger than [Mrs.] Clinton and two decades younger than Sanders.

Sure, Senator Sanders is a card-carrying geezer personified.  But his "progressive" street cred far exceeds O'Malley's because he has never cloistered his Marxism in any kind of PR closet - hell, Sanders doesn't even refer to himself as "progressive" - he's an old-school socialist, by cracky, and darned proud of it.  How can the ex-Maryland governor compete with that?

The ex-governor intends to run a spontaneous and non-scripted campaign with heavy emphasis on direct one-on-one contact with voters, O'Malley confidant said.

In other words, his fundraising cupboard is, and will remain, barer than a Playboy centerfold.

Look for him to emphasize his youthfulness, executive experience, and liberal record in Maryland, and to try to draw a contrast between himself and [Mrs.] Clinton, who has faced criticism from reporters and political opponents for running a tightly-controlled campaign.

It's tightly controlled  because, as Jonah Goldberg observed yesterday, that's what the Clintons do.  It's simply who they are.  It reflects Hillary's compulsion to control everything.  I would say it's also because she has so much to hide, but after twenty-three years of their corruption and greed and scandals, she is, ironically, as WYSIWYG as it is possible for a greedy, corrupt, power-mad, iron-fisted pol to be.  Which is one reason among several why her sequel campaign is going precisely nowhere, in addition to Clinton-fatigue, Obama-fatigue, "running for the third Obama term," a collapsing economy, a collapsing culture, a world dissolving into chaos (of which she is a prime architect), all of which she is lumberingly racing to embrace with all the strength in her flabola-draped arms.

Which means that, with his executive experience, Martin O'Malley should have the advantage over both Sanders and the Empress.  But he doesn't, because there's one overriding factor that dooms his candidacy before it even starts: His penis.  His Y-chromosome.  And his pasty whiteness.  Ditto Bernie Sanders.  Neither has a prayer at the Democrat nomination.  Not because Hillary is any kind of "formidable candidate" (she isn't), and not because she's drowning in filthy lucre (which won't be enough), but because white males no longer have any place in the Democrat Party, at least in its upper echelons.  This is the lesson they have learned by the "ascension" of Barack Hussein Obama, who got elected for no other witting reason than his skin color: that identity politics and "historicity" trump everything else.  Every issue, every otherwise public concern, every real-world situation - everything.  Doesn't matter what they stand for (which, as with O, is hidden until after the election is won), what kind of person they are - you could be a pedofilic ax-murderer, and if you're minority and/or female and a "good progressive" (pardon the oxymoron), you will always have the inside track to the Democrat presidential nomination, now and forever.

The Democrat Party will, quite simply, never nominate a white man ever again.  That's why Mrs. Clinton's ill-fated life's-ambition-quest is the floor of presidential possibilities for the American Left.  And that's why the Ugly Dutchess will not have a bona fide challenger until you-know-who jumps into the race....

Exit question: Am I just seeing things, or are Martin O'Malley and Chief Justice John Roberts twins that were separated at birth?

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