Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Obama Vows To "Walk Away" From Bad Iran Nuke Deal

by JASmius

<ahem> Sorry....<wheeeow>.  Here's the clip:

What do you want me to say to that?  I've been chronicling this man's complete sellout to the mullahs on their nuclear weapons obsession for years, long past the point of my fingers flying off like the guy in the kayak.com commercial.  Ditto chronicling the six and half year litany of his being more utterly and completely full of crap than a big-city sewage treatment facility on every issue under the sun and a dozen more over it.  So I'll let Allahpundit do the honors:

This may be the single most brazen lie he’s told since the glory days of “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” In fact, I might go one better than that. For sheer lack of believability, this may be the most transparent garbage he’s pushed at the public since he assured voters in 2008 that he had no choice as a deeply religious man but to oppose gay marriage because “God’s in the mix.” No one took him seriously then. No one’s taking him seriously on this either.

Which leads inevitably to the question of why he's bothering to shovel with both hands about this when even former minions of his are publicly and contemptuously scoffing at it.  And it's rhetorical as it always is: He believes everything he says and both demands and assumes that the American people will swallow all that moldy verbal fecality like it was Haggen-Daas.  And since it worked to get him elected and re-elected, why wouldn't he think we're suckers that can be skinned in perpetuity?  Besides, even if we don't - and O's approval on Iran has dropped from 48-48 to 38-58 in two months - there's nothing that can be done to stop a "bad deal" anyway.  Because a "bad deal" is a "done deal".  So why not gloat and celebrate by gratuitously insulting our collective intelligence in the time left before the mullahs EMP us?

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