Monday, June 01, 2015

The TSA Is A "Happy Hands" Sieve

by JASmius

The Transportation "Security" Agency: "They'll always find your junk, but never what's in your trunk":

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) appears to be making airplanes anything but secure these days, as TSA agents miserably failed to detect 95% of fake bombs and firearms Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "Red Team" undercover investigators smuggled onto airplanes in some of the country's busiest airports.

ABC News reports that in sixty-seven out of seventy tests, "Red Team" covert agents were waved through airport security checkpoints and allowed to board, despite the fact that they were packing fake bombs and banned firearms....[emphases added]

Not 10%.  Not 25%.  Not 50%.  Not 75%.  Ninety-five percent.  With fifty thousand agents and a $7.2 billion budget.


Am I being paranoid to suspect that the TSA is being told to deliberately not stop terrorist threats to U.S. civilian passenger aircraft?  Again we return to Occam's Razor and whether this unimaginable level of "incompetence" is even humanly possible.  If you only detect one out of every twenty guns and bombs that are smuggled aboard airliners, don't you almost have to be trying to miss the other nineteen?

Why the TSA would be all but deliberately waving jihadists through the line, scrupulously respecting their genital privacy, we don't have to wonder about.

Here's the punchline:

One "Red Team" agent even set off the TSA's magnetometer at the boarding checkpoint, and went through a "pat down" "examination," but TSA agents failed to spot the phony bomb he had taped to his back, the Hill reported. [emphasis added]

TSA agents aren't looking for guns and bombs and other jihadist threats to American civilian aviation; they're looking for "a good time".

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