Saturday, July 18, 2015

Consequences of Fleeing for your life from a Fire

By Douglas V. Gibbs

On Thursday, a wildfire swept across Interstate 15 at the Cajon Pass, burning up cars, and causing motorists to flee for their life.  Afterward, those that abandoned their vehicle found out that their cars were towed, and it would take hundreds of dollars, and in some cases, over a thousand dollars, to recover their vehicle.

Should the tow companies give the motorists a break?

What's worse is the quote originally given, if the person was unable to pick up their vehicle quickly, went into weekend calculations, increasing the amount owed by $300 or more.

The motorists had to flee during an emergency.  The California Highway Patrol requested the services of the tow company, and they charged normal hourly rates.  It took hours to clear the freeway.

A manager of the Tow company later, after this story was aired by ABC 7 News, said that the company plans to reimburse the fees for all nine people they towed.

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