Monday, August 31, 2015

SCOTUS Crushes Kentucky Anti-Sodomarriage Rebellion

by JASmius

The inevitable end of the line for Rowan County Clerk and devout evangelical Christian Kim Davis's heroic civil disobedience stand against forced participation in the new "institution" of sodomarriage.  My only surprise is that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals got bypassed and a direct certiorari writ was sought with the SCOTUS.  Miss Davis was always going to lose, but this end-around just hastened that defeat a lot sooner than it would otherwise have been suffered:

A Kentucky county clerk must issue marriage licenses to [homosexual] "couples" after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected contentions that she is being forced to violate her religious convictions.

The justices, without explanation, refused to lift a lower court order requiring Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to resume distributing marriage licenses. She stopped issuing any licenses....

Thus complying with the Fourteenth Amendment's equal protection clause.

....and defied an order from the State’s [Democrat] governor -- after the Supreme Court ruled in June that [sodo]marriage is a constitutional right.

Which it did and does not have the constitutional authority to do, but rather did via raw, usurped, tyrannical power.

The emergency appeal marked an early test of how the Supreme Court will handle religious objections to [sodo]marriage in the aftermath of the landmark June 26th ruling.

Like that "test" was going to turn out any other way.

And now the day of reckoning that was always coming for Miss Davis has arrived: Will she deny Christ and proclaim Sodom as Lord in order to keep her job and livelihood, or will she stand on biblical principles and either resign as Rowan County clerk or be fired - and perhaps criminally prosecuted as well.

Our LORD said throughout the Gospels to "count the cost" of following Him.  American Christians, including myself, have never really had to seriously do that.  But we will now.  Kim Davis is just the first of many, and eventually all that will be forced into that crucible.

And it will only get hotter.

UPDATE (9/1): I was just reminded that Miss Davis's is an elected position, so the only people that can "fire" her are local Rowan County voters.  Given that (1) Rowan County is Democrat-leaning, (2) Miss Davis is, astonishingly given her courageous stand for marriage, a Democrat, and (3) she was either elected or re-elected Rowan County Clerk last November with 53% of the vote, that "firing" would (assuming a four year term) be a little over three years away at worst.  At least barring a recall election, which would take at least some time to gather signatures for, get them filed (through Miss Davis's office, presumably), and the recall election scheduled.  Would there be enough such local pressure put upon her from that direction?  Beats me.  If it was, would she fight it to the end or would she resign at some point?

I'm guessing the answer that last question, at least, will be no:

A Kentucky county clerk on Tuesday rejected requests for marriage licenses for two homosexual "couples" despite a decision by the U.S. Supreme Court's against the clerk, according to media reports. The top U.S. court on Monday turned down Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis' request for an emergency order allowing her to continue to deny marriage licenses to [homosexual] "couples" while she appeals a federal judge's order requiring her to do so.

Davis' office rejected requests for marriage licenses for the first two homosexual "couples" to enter the courthouse on Tuesday, the Washington Post reported.

James Yates and Will Smith Jr. marched....

Interestingly "martial" choice of term, that.

....into Rowan County clerk Kim Davis' office, their fifth attempt to obtain a "marriage" license, and they once again were turned away.

They left red-eyed and shaking, and declined to talk to reporters gathered at the office.

Yeah, right, like they're the victims in this equation.

Her office could not immediately be reached for comment, but Kentucky Public Radio quoted Davis as saying on Tuesday that she made the decision to continue denying marriage licenses "under God's authority."

Just so.  And just to confirm that the "couple's" tears were of the crocodile variety and this whole thing has been a setup since the beginning, they're now going to have their attorneys (ever at the ready) file contempt charges against Miss Davis.  So it looks like she's willing to go to jail for her LORD, just like the Apostles once did.

As I said last night, note her path and plight well, because all the Brethren (and Sistren) will be trodding it eventually, and probably sooner than we think.

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