Friday, August 28, 2015

Trump Readying Huge Tax Hike

by JASmius

The uberleft hero of the Tea Party movement strikes again:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is promising to offer a plan within a month to overhaul the tax system, calling himself "king of the tax code."


He's been hinting at such a plan recently, saying that wealthy Americans....

i.e. Job-creators.

....should pay more.

Like they're not being gouged and raped badly enough already.  Which has, historically, been far more of a recessionary, anti-capitalist Democrat argument than a pro-growth free-market Republican approach.  But then, the wealthy generally have the means to avoid such rapacious public sector attacks, and they always have the option of just picking up their metaphorical marbles and going home - or overseas to friendlier financial pastures.  Something of which I guarantee you the "king of the tax code" is acutely well aware, but simply isn't telling you.

In a phone-in interview Friday on MSNBC's Morning Joe show, Trump says, "I know the hedge fund guys. ... These guys don't really build anything. They shuffle papers back and forth."

Whereas Trump builds slums for the poor and overpriced, bankrupt entertainment edifices the middle class can't afford.  Yeah, that's a much more "populist" contribution to society.

Trump says he'll unveil a plan to simplify the tax code and eliminate some deductions, asserting "nobody knows the tax code better than I do."

So he's at least implicitly admitting he's a tax cheat?  That should be a fascinating candidate for the first Trump scandal should he succeed in swindling his way into power.  Still doesn't hold a candle, though, to the cartoonish "economics" he's successfully foisting on his conservative followers who should damned well know better.  I guess the joke is on them.

But take it from me, folks: It's difficult to work up a chuckle in the unemployment line.

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