Monday, September 28, 2015

60% Of Americans Support Keeping Planned Parenthood Public Gravy Train Flowing

by JASmius

Just a reminder that while we remain so obsessed with what SHOULD be, the reality of what IS is something else entirely:

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll reveals that six in ten Americans are opposed to completely eliminating Planned Parenthood's federal funding.

Despite the string of videos released by the [pro-life] group, The Center for Medical Progress, which [exposes the truth of] Planned Parenthood selling tissue and organs of aborted [babies] for profit, opinions and attitudes toward the organization are surprisingly unchanged.

While 44% of Americans say they're strongly opposed to completely eliminating federal funding for Planned Parenthood, only 17% are "somewhat" opposed. These numbers compare to 22% who strongly favor eliminating its funding and 13% who "somewhat" support it.

According to the poll, out of the 35% who are in favor of eliminating Planned Parenthood's funding, 9% back shutting down the federal government to achieve that goal, while 11% are against that tactic and another 15% say they're not sure.

So by almost two to one, Americans support continued full funding for Planned Parenthood cannibalism, the intensity of support narrowly exceeds the proportionate intensity of opposition, and even of that opposition, only a quarter of them want to waste time trying to shut the government down again - which would only really shut down about a sixth of it in any case, and virtually none of Planned Parenthood's federal funding, almost all of which flows through Medicaid.

The whole thing is nothing more than a publicity stunt, in other words, doomed to fail and set back the pro-life cause Tea Partiers purport to want to advance.  And that cause cannot succeed until the hearts and minds of the public have been changed.  Which has not happened, even now.  At least not yet.

But I suppose self-burying publicity stunts are all the Tea Party is good for anymore.  And they're not going to get their government shutdown wish in any case, which can not unfairly be described as Boehner and McConnell doing what's best for TPers against their will, even though the latter will never appreciate it.

Reality checks are rarely fun to endure, but endure this one Planned Parenthood opponents must, because this war is going to be much longer, harder, and more difficult than any of them want to believe.  But believe it they'd better, or they'll be defeated before they ever get started.

Probably are already, but might as well play for the long game, as they say.  It's not as if there's any other choice.

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