Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Progressive Grand Scheme

By Douglas V. Gibbs

In all of this political and cultural mess we seem to find ourselves in, I often ask myself, "Does the progressive left really understand what they are doing?"  I fail to be convinced that there is some vast leftwing conspiracy, with puppeteers, black briefcases, and black helicopters; yet the reality that such a conspiracy may exist in a different form continuously nags at me day and night.  I recognize that components of such a conspiracy exists.  I do not deny the existence of groups and organizations like the Bilderbergers, nor do I believe that the leftists are innocent through ignorance.  But, if you were to logically observe the sum of their actions, and follow to the logical conclusion the ultimate destiny of progressive politics, I have trouble believing that the outcome on the horizon is "exactly" what they have in mind, or set out to achieve.  Even evil does not want to destroy their host, right?

Then again, a cursory view of history tells us they know exactly what they are doing, and we are being herded like a bunch of cattle into the main entryway of a slaughterhouse.  Like a virus, they mean to destroy their host, and then somehow grab the reins of power.

Humanity has been working along a leftist trajectory since the very beginning of time.  Like a runaway train on a long downhill stretch of track, the only thing that is going to slow down the runaway vehicle, and prevent it from eventually coming to a tragic end at the end of the line, is an immovable object. However, even that immovable object will cause damage, because when an increasingly rapid force is met by an immovable object, a violent collision cannot be avoided.  The faster the train, and the farther down the line the collision takes place, the more dramatic the confrontation.

The act of central planning, statism with a government system that acts in line with the rule of men despite the presence of a rule of law, is like a kind of drug that demands a never-ending need for more and more.

Regardless of if the liberal left is doing what they are doing exactly as planned, or if it is just a leftward push by many players that is adding up to the current situation, the reality is that the players are in place, and they are accomplishing quite a bit for not only a socialist push in the United States, but worldwide.

The American People, or at least the relatively informed segment of the U.S. Population, knows something is up, and are very angry over the leftward lurch America seems to be in the midst of.  That is why the right-of-center voters gave the Republicans the House and the Senate.  The voters expected the GOP to do something to stop the madness.  But, the cowards in Congress have done nothing.  The political class, then, is to blame as far as the voters are concerned, which is why the non-politicians, Trump, Carson, and Fiorina, are receiving so much attention.

The Obama administration is aware of the anger of Americans, and how the Democrats are losing voters due to this President's disastrous and destructive policies.  So, if they are going to lose Americans from their proletariat cause, somehow those numbers must be replaced.  This is why the Democrats are seeking illegal aliens, and plan to start importing Middle Eastern "refugees."  It is their plan to overwhelm the system, collapse it, and force America into a bigger government model of socialism (or something worse).

You'll raise the red flag of socialism if they have to force you to do it.

It seems like we are being hit from all directions, as the liberal left progressive socialists do their bidding.  The Pope is a straight out Marxist.  Obama has appointed a homosexual as Secretary of the Army.  Muslims have been assigned to posts throughout the federal government.  The Middle Class is being threatened with further destruction with the massive minimum wage hikes we are seeing emerge in liberal cities.  Democrats are scheming to remove us from our cars - in California the attempt is being put forth through attempts to ration fuel, and remove driving lanes for biking lanes.  With the Iran Deal, the Obama administration has bailed out Iran from their economic slump, given them the better chance of developing nuclear weapons, and have placed Israel into a position of, for the sake of survival, moving against Iran. . . thus, the Obama administration has ensured war in the Middle East - and they did it by spitting on the Constitution, calling the deal an "agreement," rather than a "treaty," in order to side-step the constitutional requirement of Senate ratification.  The Obama administration has given a Muslim kid with a clock that looks like a bomb the benefit of the doubt and has invited the child to the White House, while rejecting the allowance of military personnel being armed at recruiting locations to protect themselves from Islamic terror attacks.  And to make sure Hillary remains protected, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC chair, is keeping the number of debates for the Democrat 2016 presidential candidates at a minimum.  Meanwhile, as all of this happens, the true strength of America, The Church, is hiding, afraid they may lose their non-profit status, or lose tithers.  For how many pieces of silver are America's pastors willing to sell out God's Law for?

Planned Parenthood has been caught chopping up babies and selling their body parts on the black market, and the Democrats are circling the wagons to protect the sick abortion industry.  Even Miss America Pageant participants have shown us how thoroughly the Left has indoctrinated the younger generation.  Miss Tennessee defended unconstitutional federal funding for Planned Parenthood, ignoring that the money ultimately does assist in their abortion business, saying that the money goes for other things that are important for women. . . like mammograms.  Oops.  Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms.

The typical liberal left rhetoric is in place.  The Republicans, they say, are racists, bigots, are conducting a war on women, and are trying to protect the rich with reduced taxes.  They say this as they seek to destroy marriage, silence Christians, favor large corporate sponsors through mercantilism, kill unborn babies, ignore immigration law, open the door to America wide open for Muslim invaders, and do what they can to silence and destroy any and all opposition.

Karl Marx would be proud of today's Democrats.

Marx said, "The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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Steve D said...

'Even evil does not want to destroy their host, right?'

That expression is usually: a parasite does not want to destroy its host. Evil is a completely different cup of tea.

Douglas V. Gibbs said...

Evil is parasitic in nature.