Tuesday, September 08, 2015

ABH (Anybody But Hillary) Democrats To Turn To....Michael Bloomberg?

by JASmius

Just what America needs: two obnoxious, autocratic, leftwing, New York billionaire Democrats-pretending-to-be-Republicans locked in a "Populist Hell In A Cell" match with the U.S. presidency hanging in the balance.  Didn't we already see this gimmick when Undertaker and Brian Lee did it back in 1995?:

No, I take that back; in the Undertaker vs. Undertaker feud, there actually was a real Undertaker:

For the Democrats, this ought to signal a new sort of existential political imperative: If they don’t transform themselves, Donald Trump could actually become president.

Actually, it's more like if they don't dump Hillary Clinton, and soon, even Babar will steamroll to landslide victory a year and change from now.

And yes, Babar has a better shot at it than Trump does.

Even if that chance seems less than likely, it is a possibility that, one can only hope, has set off alarms…

Why?  How would Bloomie govern any differently than Trump would?  Or Hillary, for that matter?  Dems would have nothing to fear from any of that trio.  Unless what Michael Wolff is describing is some sort of really vile and twisted Oedipus Complex.

If Trump successfully makes the race about worldly accomplishment, management prowess, personal authenticity, business smarts, lack of political pretense and rejection of the political class, then the Democrats have a more logical Trump-slayer: Michael Bloomberg.

Sorry, I'm still trying to process "management prowess [Do Trump's four bankruptcies count?], personal authenticity [like WWE chairman Vince McMahon, the public Trump is a cartoon character for public consumption, nothing more], business smarts [See "four bankruptcies"], and lack of political pretense".  But in most of those contexts, Wolff has a point; Bloomberg is a better, smarter manager, and seeing as how he's not a glorified slumlord and strip club owner, he's got way more class.

The big drawback?  Trump is much richer.  Which in the current political Bizarro World probably helps explain his perception as the "champion of the little guy".

Right-winger and Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch, who has extraordinary political antennae and a curious antipathy to Donald Trump....

Nothing curious about it, Mikey.  He recognizes a ringer when he sees one.

....trumpets Bloomberg — even presumably as a Democrat and even with his assortment of left-leaning positions — in yet another example of the year’s remarkable, if not bizarre, political fluidity.

Interesting choice of words, that.  Because hemorrhages are also known for their "fluidity".

It might take a true New York plutocrat to beat a populist one.

It would if Trump were a true "populist".  As it is, he's just a better, richer liar than Bloomie could ever be.  Or, wait, how would The Donald put it?  Ah, yes - the former Gotham City mayor is just too "low-energy".  Which would suggest that Trump is hooked on amphetamines, but that's merely unconfirmed speculation.  No matter how much it would explain.

My suggestion to Bloomie if he decides to do this?  Make an appointment with Bruce Jenner's personal mutilator and run as "Michelle Bloomberg".  That may be the only ploy that Trump can't counter, mindlessly or otherwise.

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