Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Alabama To Get Out Of The Marriage "Business" Altogether

by JASmius

This is a fascinating escalation.  Now it isn't just one lowly little peon county clerk in Whoville, Podunky who is defying The Great And Powerful Justice Kennedy, it's an entire State that is moving towards privatizing marriage in what is a brazen act of nullification of the Supreme Court's raw, usurped judicial power.

Will Olympus survive?:

As the [sodo]marriage debate rages in conservative States, Alabama is getting closer to its own solution: stop issuing marriage licenses altogether.

A bill moving through the legislature would do just that, AL.com reports. It wouldn't force Alabamans to "live in sin," but rather would allow them to declare themselves married without having to get the approval of county officials.

Instead of issuing marriage licenses, couples would simply fill out marriage contracts – be they [homosexual or normal] – that probate judges in the State would then file in the State's official records.

Exactly as it should be.  It is not the State, after all, which created and ordained marriage and before whom a man and woman are joined in the bonds of holy matrimony; it is God.  My wife and I were married by a Christian pastor, and that is all that mattered.  The marriage license from Franklin County, Washington, was just something that cost me a few bucks in order to stick it in a safe deposit box.  Mrs. Hard Starboard and I wouldn't be any less husband and wife without it.

And this leaves homosexual "couples" free to pretend to be "married" all they want, even though there's no divine reality to it and plenty of divine rebuke.

Live and let live.

No wonder the Lavender Lobby is adamantly against this bill:

Gay rights groups and the American Civil Liberties Union still oppose the bill, calling it a "ham-handed solution in search of a non-existent problem," Reason.com reports.

"Apparently now that they've won, they forgot why the entire marriage battle happened in the first place," Reason's Scott Shackford wrote. " That's what actual liberty looks like — you telling the government that you're married, not the other way around."

No, Mr. Shackford, it is you who never learned why the entire marriage battle happened in the first place: militant dinnermashers seek to destroy the institution of marriage and eradicate Christianity.  That's why the next step is to take away the last redoubt Justice Kennedy left intact, the insides of Christian churches, where pastors will be banned from preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and forced to preach the "sexual justice" agenda on threat of political imprisonment or worse.  And, of course, officiate at sodoweddings.  That's why I say that Kim Davis is just the first of many martyrs to come.

It's not about "liberty" or "equality" and never was.  It is about homosexual domination.

On the down side, the marriage privatization bill won't pass anytime soon, since the Alabama legislature is in special session over their (natch) budget crisis and the former would require a two-thirds supermajority to pass.  But maybe next year.

Or maybe not.  You never want to give the Hershey Highwaymen that much lead time for their inevitable vicious counterattacks.

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