Monday, September 28, 2015

Americans Agree With Ben Carson On "No Muslim POTUS"

by JASmius

And the sentiment is pretty close to overwhelming.

By ethnicity (with the exception of blacks):

57%-27% overall, 62%-23% among whites, 50%-28% among Hispanics.  Only blacks support the idea of a Muslim president (26%-46%) - probably something to do with Obama being accused of being a Muslim for all these years - and that's only a plurality.

The partisan breakdown is similar:

A plurality of Democrats agree with Dr. Carson (41%-38%), and among Indies (54%-27%) and Republicans (83%-11%) it's no contest.

Which indicates that the American people are more informed and realistic about Muslims than the American media is, as this Carson interview with CNN's Jake Tapper appears to indicate.

Dr. Carson's comments were "controversial" to them, but not to the rest of us.

They even goosed his fundraising last week:

Ben Carson raised more than $500,000 after his controversial comments that he wouldn’t support a Muslim for president, campaign communications director Doug Watts said Monday.

Those comments, made more than a week ago on NBC’s Meet the Press, gave the campaign a “partial bump” in fundraising that resulted in Carson raising “about $6-700,000 at the time,” which contributed to an overall $10 million haul for the campaign in September.

Most Americans still do not want what's left of the Constitution supplanted by Sharia.  Not that most Americans understand the first thing about its original intent, you understand, but they do grasp enough to realize that nothing good could come from putting a Muslim - intolerant and aggressive by definition - in that kind of power over us.

To borrow and tweak a quote from President Abraham Lincoln, "It is better to speak up against Muslims and be thought an Islamophobe than to remain silent and be quietly dhimmized without resistance".  Kudos to Dr. Carson for saying what needed to be said.

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Ken said...

Muslims in the White House would never work. To sum it up simply, a paraphrase from Benjamin Netanyahu: " We love life and they love death".