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Sunday, September 13, 2015

California Abolishes Education

by JASmius

Not socialized education, you understand; socialized education and the almighty teachers union cartel it vampirically supports will outlast even the cockroaches on this planet.  But real education?  The Acapulco Golden State has, after rendering it terminally ill and reducing it to a coma years and decades ago, finally put it out of its misery.

I can not honestly draw any other conclusion from the bit of academic alchemy Governor Jerry Brown and the Gollyfornia legislature have cooked up whereby utter and complete failure now - retroactively, no less - is the threshold for passage:

The state of California is poised to award thousands of high school degrees to dropouts by passing a new law retroactively removing the requirement to pass a high school exit exam.

The California High School Exit Exam (CASHEE) was created in 2004, and is intended to make sure that students have a rudimentary grasp of English and mathematics before being awarded a high school diploma, and to counter the phenomenon of students receiving passing grades while learning almost nothing. The test is hardly complex. The math test, for instance, only covers eighth grade-level material and can be passed if students answer 55% of questions correctly. About 80% of California high schoolers take and pass it on their first try while in the tenth grade, and overall passage rates for the class of 2014 were above 97%.

But now, a bill passed Thursday by the California legislature, which Governor Jerry Brown is expected to sign, suspends the exam through 2018, while also retroactively suspending it back to 2004. That means thousands of students who failed to ever pass the exam but otherwise completed all other requirements will now be able to receive diplomas.

According to SFGate, about forty thousand people will benefit from the change by becoming newly eligible to graduate. The number could be higher, though, as 249,000 students failed to pass the test by the end of senior year from 2006 to 2014.

You know that 97% passage rate for last year's aggregate California high school senior class?  Expect that to start plummeting with next year's and going forward.  Why?  Because Jerry Brown and friends are removing any conceivable incentive apart from personal pride and self-respect for bothering to work hard enough - or at all - to pass the CASHEE.  Why be responsible and study and do your homework instead of going out partying with your friends if you know that you're going to get your essentially worthless piece of paper at the end of the process no matter what you do?  Heck, why bother being responsible at all?  Drop out!  Become an alcoholic!  Became a drug addict!  Get pregnant a dozen times by as many drunken louts you don't remember!  Knock up as many girls as you can and give them all the clap or AIDS or worse!  You're still going to be allowed to stagger down the aisle and take that sheepskin.  California Democrats have now made it an entitlement.

The same incentives apply to the Educratic Collective.  Actually teaching the young knowledge and concepts and skills that they need to be responsible, knowledgeable, informed, thoughtful, and capable American citizens was barely on their "to-do"/priority list anyway, long since subsumed by radical leftwingnut politics and naked greed.  This bill formalizes that arrangement.  Now everybody in the socialized education process, teachers, administrators, and students alike, don't have to earn a damn thing to get their jackpot "paydays".  And until the dollar finally collapses, that of the first two groups will still be worth something.

But high school diplomas?  Unless they're double-, as opposed to single-, ply, they won't even be usable for ass-wiping.

Good thing earned success is such an old, obsolete, outmoded, and now abolished "bourgeoisie" heresy here in The Wonderful Land Of Obamunist Make-Believe, huh?

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