Friday, September 04, 2015

Chris Christie "Goes Sopranos" On The EPA

by JASmius

The State of New Jersey has now joined the plant-loving, Constitution-venerating, tyranny-resisting, "Obama has issued his rule, now let him enforce it", pro-carbon counterrevolution:

The Christie Administration Wednesday launched an attack on Barack Obama’s sweeping plan to [terminate] carbon emissions from power plants, arguing that the federal rule punishes States such as New Jersey that have already made significant reductions.

Governor Christie formally requested an administrative stay and reconsideration of the new rule by the [unconstitutional] federal Environmental Protection Agency.

The new emissions rule “is yet another example of the Obama administration inappropriately [and illegally] reaching far beyond its legal authority to implement more onerous and more burdensome regulations on businesses and State governments alike,” Christie said in a statement. “This is a fundamentally flawed plan that threatens the progress we’ve already made in developing clean and renewable energy in New Jersey without the heavy-handed overreach of Washington.”

Environmental stewardship, in other words, is not an enumerated power of the federal government under the U.S. Constitution, and is therefore, by definition, the purview of the States.  Period.

And besides, it's not as if the Garden State hasn't been compliantly "green".  New Jersey is one of the lowest "carbon spewers" in the country.  A large portion of their electricity is generated by nuclear power plants and hydroelectric dams.  What fossil fuel plants they do have have been undergoing (expensive) conversions from burning coal to burning natural gas (i.e. methane), which has further reduced the State's "greenhouse gas emissions".

And yet that's not good enough.  New Jersey must be forced to cut them another 26% on top of the 33% cut they've made over the past decade in a much smaller time frame.  For all practical purposes, overnight.  And, as a practical matter, shutting down their electrical grid, because windmills and sunbeams cannot get the job done.

It's like I wrote over two weeks ago:

[N]o industry can or will ever do enough to satisfy the Obama Regime, because ostensible metrics like premium rates or emissions levels are not the purpose of this fascist, vice-like regulatory straitjacket; its purpose is not practical, it is ideological. Obamunism equates private industry with every evil in creation, and thus private industry cannot be trusted and must be punished and, ultimately, destroyed, by any means necessary.

And Governor Christie is joining what might be dubbed "the Picard Chorus":

When you push enough people so far that the only remaining option is direct resistance....well, that is the definition of a revolution, is it not?

Perhaps even a second American one.

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