Saturday, September 05, 2015

Farrakhan: American System "Has To Be Taken Down"

by JASmius

That's the one and only thing I like about Calypso Louis - the man is scrupulously honest:

The election of Barack Obama was not enough to allow real racial justice to come about in the United States, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Friday, insisting that the entire American system "has to be taken down."

“When you vote a black man in office thinking he is your savior, within a short while he will show you ‘I’ll do the best I can but that is very little,'” the controversial Farrakhan said at a Justice or Else rally in Cleveland, reports Breitbart News....

Think about that statement for a moment, folks, in light of all that Barack Obama has done to this country across the issue spectrum over the past six and a half-plus years.  America been "fundamentally transformed," and it still isn't enough.

"How many generations more are we going to sit around saying ‘things are getting a little better now. [Allah] done bless us. We has a black president,'" Farrakhan said during a two-hour address. "Over a white corporation that he probably don’t own no stock in. He has to maneuver the country for the stock broker, for the real power.”

So, in effect, Louis Farrakhan has not only concluded that Barack Obama is a "failure" in that he hasn't pulled his coup de tat (yet), but he's also as much as dismissing him as Wall Street's "house nigger".  Unless I misheard or misread something.  And I don't think I did.

But, as I say, listen to what Calypso Louis says, because while he is definitely a crazed lunatic, the man has no guile.  And what he is calling for - no less than a blood race revolution - is precisely what the Communist Party USA-funded #BlackLivesMatter and the New Black Panther Party and the rest of the Black Klan are plotting and calling for scarcely any less discretely than Imam Farrakhan himself.

And presiding over it all, nodding his head and smirking in satisfaction, is The First (Half-)Black President himself.

Oh ye of little faith, Calypso Louis, why do you doubt your "savior"?

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