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Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Hillary Clinton's Armory Of Smoking Guns

by JASmius

A question-begging, even obligatory term, actually.  Since every email Mrs. Clinton sent or received throughout her four years as Commissar of State flowed through her "homebrew" server, and the notion that none of those emails were classified or contained classified attachments is ludicrous, of course there are going to be smoking guns.  The only real question is how interesting each smoking gun is going to be.

On that score, today's is a "two-fer".

"Sid" is Sidney Blumenthal, longtime La Clinton Nostra fixer and insider.  "Sid" was not at the time, nor did he ever, nor was he supposed to be hired not just into the State Commissariat but anywhere in the Obama Regime.  Period.  And so he wasn't.  On November 10, 2009, "Sid" was safely ensconsed at the Clinton Foundation.  Yet here is an example of "Sid" sending and receiving classified State Commissariat emails with which he was authorized to do neither.  A deliberate and intentional security breach - or, as Mrs. Clinton doubtless thought of it, "keeping it in the loop".  Her loop.

And, yes, they went through her private server, also in violation of federal law:

The bulk of Hillary Clinton’s message to Blumenthal was redacted, under codes 1.4(D) and 1.4(B) because classification authorities determined it contained classified information “which reasonably could be expected to cause damage to the national security[.]” As was the case with other e-mails where [Mrs.] Clinton originated classified information, authorities determined that the information was classified at birth and did not allow declassification until November of 2024 — fifteen years after the e-mail was written and sent by Hillary, rather than fifteen years after the information was marked.

The 2009 executive order signed by Obama states that U.S. officials who negligently disclose classified information to unauthorized individuals are subject to any and all federal sanctions provided for by law. [emphases added]

Which is to say, Hillary could theoretically be prosecuted.  Not that she will, of course.  Which is a shame, because sending "foreign government information” regarding “foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources" "in the clear" to a non-State employee is open and shut evidence of violation of 18 USC 793.

Oh, and did we mention this....?

And of course, we already know Blumenthal's email was compromised by a hacker.

....and this?

Clinton told Middle East envoy to send classified details from Italy's Foreign Minister to "my personal email."

Kinda hard to pass that off, systemically or severally, as an "accident".  But the Ugly Dutchess will keep on trying.

UPDATE: Finally, something that Hillary and Tea Partiers can agree on.

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