Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Hillary Clinton's IT Guy To....Plead The Fifth?

by JASmius

Apparently Brian Pagliano's legal-eagles are not buying the Empress's blanket protestations of Emailgate innocence.

Which means Pagliano has good lawyers, and they're not working for her:

A former State Department employee who worked on Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server tried to beat back a subpoena this week from the House Benghazi panel, with his lawyer saying that he would invoke his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid incriminating himself.

Bryan Pagliano had worked on [Mrs.] Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign before setting up the server in her New York home in 2009, the Washington Post reports.

The lawyer, Mark MacDougall, sent a letter to the committee on Monday. A copy was obtained by the Post. MacDougall declined to comment further.

"While we understand that Mr. Pagliano’s response to this subpoena may be controversial in the current political environment, we hope that the members of the Select Committee will respect our client’s right to invoke the protections of the Constitution," MacDougall wrote.

Pagliano is one of the Hillary minions that are supposed to fall on their swords for their mistress.  They're meant to be expendable.  One would have thought that he would have been aware of that when he signed up.

Too bad Pagliano didn't have this legal representation before he ensnared himself in Her Nib's web of corruption and megalomania.  It might have spared the young man his current nightmare.

Interestingly in a "reading between the lines" way, Hillary released a statement saying that Pagliano’s decision was “disappointing”.  She meant that to sound like she wanted him to testify of her blanket innocence.  What she really meant was that she's disappointed that he isn't willing to add perjury and obstruction of justice to the other charges he might be facing if he spilled his guts.

But then I don't think Mrs. Clinton is all that disappointed, because if Pagliano did sing like the proverbial canary, that would bring the Gowdy posse that much closer to bringing down their ultimate prey.  Something which she probably hasn't consciously acknowledged to herself, but is probably swirling around in her subconscious somewhere, just waiting to erupt into her waking thoughts.  If you start hearing horrible shrieking coming from an easterly direction, now you know its likely source.

So, in short, Bryan Pagliano is doing his mistress a favor.  Just not as big a one as she hoped he would.

Exit question: Which is more frightening: a subpoena from Trey Gowdy or learning that Hillary Clinton is "disappointed" in you?

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