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Friday, September 11, 2015

Kim Davis Files Appeal With Sixth Circuit Court

by JASmius

Eh, okay, I guess.  A little odd, given that Miss Davis and her attorneys already tried appealing directly to the U.S. Supreme Court, which turned her down flat. (Incidentally, the Justice overseeing the Sixth Circuit?  Elena "Blubberstopheles" Kagan.  Which helps explain a great deal).  The Sixth Circuit does have a 16-9 Republican(-appointed) majority, but given the uncertainty of which judges would wind up on the standard three judge sub-panel, Miss Davis would need the whole court to rule on her appeal.  And given that Judge David Bunning, who jailed her for asserting her First Amendment religious liberties, was a Bush43 appointee, reflecting the ubiquitous "judicial review" mentality throughout the length and breadth and every nook and cranny of the American legal system, it's probably a waste of time:

A Kentucky county clerk who was recently jailed for denying [homosexual] "couples" "marriage" licenses has filed an appeal that would allow her to continue blocking the licenses.

Kim Davis filed the motion Friday with the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals....

U.S. District Court Judge David Bunning wrote that his mandate to issue licenses applied to all "couples," not only those who filed suit. But Davis' lawyers allege that order was issued improperly, and again have asked for a delay.

I think they're going through the motions at this point, combined with a "check off the box" mentality.  Even if they did get the boxes out of order.

But it's clear that Kim Davis (1) is not going to quit as Rowan County Clerk and (2) will not issue or allow to be issued "marriage" licenses to homosexual "couples".  Equally as clear is that the courts are not going to offer her any relief or succor.  So sooner or later, she will return to jail, indefinitely.  We'll see if anybody ever gives a damn about it outside the Christian community.

I wouldn't be surprised if Judge Bunning jailed her attorneys right along with her, and anybody who shows up to protest on her behalf.  That is the next logical escalation in this process.  After that, I have some educated speculations, but I'd prefer to save them for that point in this unfolding saga of tyranny and outrage.

And pray that they never have to happen.

Unless she does quit.

It'd be hard to blame her if she did.

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