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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Leftist Absolutism and the Youth

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I have been reaching out to the youth.  The younger generation needs to hear the truth.  The liberal left has taken a Hitler-style approach, indoctrinating the youth, grooming them, and setting them against the older generation.  As Adolf Hitler once said, "When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community."

The discussions with the younger generation, though I know there are still some that have maintained some semblance of sanity, were depressing, disappointing, and downright frightening.  I talked to youngsters who were raised by conservative parents, and went into college considering themselves conservative thinkers, but they came out with their degree as a staunch leftwing Democrat.  In one case, when I mentioned Christianity, the response was, "Your views as a Christian are ignorant and arrogant, but I understand, you can't help yourself, because your were raised that way and have not yet figured out how to think for yourself."

Another person had just viewed a video on socialism that a friend of mine exposed me to, and they could not praise the video enough, calling the free market selfish, and evil, and saying to me, "Like they said, America is already a socialist country.  People have too many freedoms.  If it was up to me, the individual would not be trusted to make their own decisions."

They've been lied to, and they believe the lies, and if you dare say anything that counters the lie, you are either ignorant, can't think for yourself, arrogant, selfish, racist, a hater, fearful (phobic), unwilling to change, unwilling to grow, or holding on to (as someone told me today) old ideas that are in desperate need of updating.

These are the arguments of humanism, these were the arguments of the Bolsheviks, these were the arguments of those pushing Nazism, and these are the arguments of a population that has been herded into the latest style of tyranny that has a death grip on our country, and the world.


Either, you support abortion, or you are waging a war against women. Either you support gay marriage, or you hate gay people.  Either you support President Obama's policies, or you are a racist.  Either you believe in the statist system or you are a rightwing radical that wants to return us to a society filled with slavery and a flat Earth.  And on and on and on and on.

The liberal left statists will tell you they are against absolutism.  They reject an absolute God, an absolute moral standard, and they consider those that believe such to believe in a "herd mentality."  Yet, they worship the absolutism of humanism, place their own morality as superior to God's moral standard, and they go way beyond any herd mentality with a firm belief in collectivism.

But, their absolutism reaches far beyond that.

Western values, which emerged thanks to the rise of the United States, and the American System through the U.S. Constitution, is at risk.  We are filled with self-doubt, and the next generation, for the first time in history, does not look like they are going to live better than their parents.

The communists are within.  Western values, essentially Judeo-Christian values, are being challenged, and the warriors that are supposed to protect those values have plunged their heads into the sand.

Authoritarianism is on the rise, but not necessarily through goose-stepping troops and fiery speeches by shouting dictators, but through complacency, and a desire for security through government programs regardless of how many freedoms we lose in the process.

And as we weaken, an enemy on our shores is not only meeting no military resistance, but our leaders are welcoming the invaders into our country, considering these people refugees, and Syrian asylum seekers.  Europe is being overrun, and our leadership here in America has vowed to welcome hundreds of thousands in the coming years.  Islam has declared war on The West, and we have decided to assist their combatants with their endeavor to enter our country.

The younger generation does not understand the danger.  They have been taught to absolutely always be in "Peace-Love" mode.  They don't remember the wars we fought.  They don't remember the Cold War, the Hostage Crisis, and the fear of communism and the Islamic Jihad that once gripped most Americans.

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it, and the younger generation of today has been taught to disapprove of Western ideological supremacy, giving in to the lure of liberalism and Communism instead.  Individualism is considered to be dangerous.  A powerful government, the youth seem to think, is necessary to ensure peace and safety.  "Let me just live my life, with my electronic device, and rejections of Christianity's phobias."

As we move away from God, we move towards the inner instability that civilizations before us experienced.  In an attempt to create utopia, we are developing our own collapse.  In search for security, we are fueling our eventual demise.  We are asking for bondage, and bondage is telling us it is more than happy to oblige.

To be anything other than a supporter of an ever expanding central government makes you a terrible thing.  Evil.  Anybody right of center is now considered by the youth as being an evil person.  A hater.  And someone that is probably a racist.  Sure, the Democrats are idiots, they lie, they hide emails, they watch Americans die overseas while blaming it all on a little-known video, and they are incompetent.  But when faced with a choice, the younger voter will go for an incompetent lying Democrat before an evil racist Republican any day of the week.

And the labels are very specific.  You better be one hundred percent with the narrative presented by the liberal left, you must be absolute in your support, or else you will be labeled a right wing extremist.  Reject any fears of Islam, and embrace the Muslims as a loving and peaceful people, or else you are an evil right winger.  Reject any argument against a completely fluid border with illegal aliens pouring over it at will, or else you are an evil right winger.  Reject all moral standards, anybody can do whatever they want, marry whoever or whatever they want, and smoke whatever they want (except tobacco, of course), or else you are an evil right winger.  Support every tax, and every government expenditure, except any favored by Republicans, or else you are an evil right winger.  Accept that there is a war on women, that babies should be killed in the womb, that taxpayer money should buy contraceptives to better enable sexual promiscuity, and funding for pregnancy centers that perform abortions and sell the baby body parts on the black market must continue to flow (while rejecting pro-life pregnancy centers as "fake" pregnancy centers) or else you are a right wing extremist.  Demand that all guns be controlled by the government, and someday confiscated by the government, despite the fact that statistics show these kinds of laws lead to greater numbers of violent crime and home invasions, or else you are a right wing extremist.  Look the other way when politicians of the left wing persuasion lie, cheat, steal, use their position in unethical ways, and say things that are direct unsubstantiated attacks, but consider evil any Republican that is accused of anything, despite evidence, including but not limited to, driving with the dog on the roof, hunting moose, or misspelling potato, or else you are a right wing extremist.

Dare to doubt liberal orthodoxy regarding any issue, and you will be attacked, people will be horrid to you, because to reject anything supported by liberal left Democrats automatically makes you an evil right wing extremist.  Militant members of the political left believes that to be something that deserves the death penalty (though they reject the death penalty for serial rapists and molesters, and have often had a couple abortions themselves).

Comradeship among the members of the liberal left comes before truth, or common sense.  Party before facts.  Individual ‘original thought’ and ‘backbone’ are to be rejected, and considered as evil.  Just do what you are told, and believe everything the journalists say.  No matter how ridiculous, it must be true, unless it was reported by Fox News.

This is what we are fighting against.  Deep programming that began in the cradle.

So how do we break through?

Truth.  Yes, I know that telling the truth has become a radical act, but if we can convince the younger generation that they are being lied to (nobody likes to be lied to), then they may, just may, be willing to listen to the truth.

Easier said than done, I know.  The younger generation's faith has been shaken by doubt.  We must replace the doubt with truth.  Original truth.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

1 comment:

Real Verse said...

Yes "The communists are within". They have taken over the Mainstream Media, Unions, Schools and most of our Politics. When the one stalwart Constitutionalist (Ted Cruz) stood up for the American People, he was attacked by both parties. The Left will continue to push their Anti-American agenda and the few Conservatives will stay on defense. Thanks for your efforts to help fight for America.