Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Obama Blundering Into War With Russia Over Syria?

by JASmius

Seriously, what is the point of this rhetoric coming from a POTUS that has made it overabundantly and obsequiously clear over the past seven years that he will not go to war in defense of this country with anybody for any reason whatsoever?  A man who has made "diplomacy now, diplomacy always, diplomacy forever" a perverted fetish?  Who on Earth does he think will even bother listening to it, much less take it seriously?  Or is it meant to give Czar Vlad a hearty chuckle or three?:

The White House on Tuesday warned that a Russian military buildup in Syria could spark a "confrontation" with U.S.-[behind-]led forces [pretending to] carry out an air campaign against the Islamic State group.

Amid reports that Russia is readying to step up its support for Bashar Al-Assad's regime by deploying its own military, the White House expressed grave misgivings.

"We've indicated that the United States is concerned by reports that Russia may have deployed additional military personnel and aircraft to Syria," said White House spokesman Josh Earnest.

"These steps could lead to greater loss of life, they could increase refugee flows and risk confrontation with the counter-ISIS coalition that's operating inside of Syria," he said, using an acronym to refer to the Islamic State.

And Putin should care about any of this "concern" why, exactly?  Heck, even at the height of the Cold War the old Soviet Union never openly deployed the Red Army directly to Syria or any other Middle East locale.  The reason why was eminently and sublimely simple: It would have risked a military confrontation with the United States, back when Americans still elected American presidents that took foreign policy and national security and safeguarding and defending vital national and allied interests seriously and maintained the military capability to do so.  Good thing those days of "warmongering" are long behind us, huh?

We laid out the scorecard of this unprecedented-and-still-growing debacle the other day.  The bottom line of it is that Czar Vlad is, in essence, calling our bluff.  He knows that Obama is not really fighting ISIS in Syria OR Iraq but is in fact not-so-clandestinely aiding them.  Given The One's publicly avowedly pro-Iranian stance, and the fact that the mullahs are also allies and supporters of the Syrian regime of Bashar al-Assad, same as the Russians, against which ISIS is waging all-out war, the man with the "funny-sounding name" who rose to glory and power on a promise to "repair" our relations with the Muslim world sure does come across like a treacherous double-dealer, doesn't he?  Compared to that hopelessly convoluted mess of lies and double-talk, Putin looks honest as the day is long: he's pro-Assad and pro-Iran and he's backing up both with military force that nobody has any illusions about his willingness to use.

And he's probably still trying to convince himself that the Obamidency that made all of this and his fast-track resurrection of the old Evil Empire to carry out his intended Cold War "do-over" is actually real and not some silly dream.

Anything Obama or John Kerry or any White House spokesjerk has to say is just the cued laughtrack.

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