Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Obama's Nuclear Sellout To Iran Goes Over The Top In Senate

by JASmius

Not news; just making note of the final passing of the inevitable Rubicon:

Democrat U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski said on Wednesday she will support the Iran nuclear deal, giving Barack Obama the thirty-four Senate votes needed to sustain a veto of any congressional resolution disapproving of the deal.

Thirty-two Senate Democrats and two independents who vote with the Democrats now back the agreement.

Thus have we completed the despicable "Failure Theater" journey on which Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker embarked us almost six months ago.  The Iran "deal" is a treaty, constitutionally requiring two-thirds or greater support to become part of U.S. law per Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, which states, in relevant part:

He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur. [emphases added]

But Senator Corker said, "Let's not get hung up on semantics" and illegally set the Senate's ratification power aside - in "the spirit of bipartisanship," of course - because he didn't want to be called a "racist" for denying The One his Neville Chamberlain glory.  And so here we are.

Did we get anything for this suicidally generous gesture?   Allahpundit doesn't think so:

What’d the GOP get out of all this? What did their huge advantage in the House and their eight-seat majority in the Senate ultimately amount to in terms of concessions? It’s one thing to lose a momentous fight on foreign policy, ceding all of your constitutional leverage in the process, but if you can get some goodies for your side at least you can say it’s not a total loss. Unless I missed something, we got … nothing. Not a thing — not even, in all likelihood, the right to crow and say that our resolution of disapproval passed the Senate with plenty of Democrat support. This fiasco will end with an essentially party-line vote on cloture, leaving Obama free to argue to the world that the deal has the acquiescence of the U.S. Congress. The only thing we get from this is the right to point out later, when this agreement eventually ends with Iran going nuclear and the Middle East being further destabilized, that this disaster is owned lock, stock, and barrel by the Democrat Party. That’s a nice consolation prize, but we’ve known since the beginning that we’d be getting that. What we’ve added to our “winnings” since this congressional kabuki began is precisely nothing.

Oh, I don't know about that, Eeyore.  According to Ashton Carter, we've still got the military option that Barack Obama pulled off the table about fifteen seconds after he first took the Oath of Office:

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter says "deal or no deal" with Iran on its nuclear proliferation, a military option remains firmly on the table.

No, it doesn't, or we wouldn't have done this "deal".

In a speech to the American Legion in Baltimore, where the group is holding its annual convention, Carter said "the deal places no limits whatsoever on our military," reports.

Should we interpret that we don't have to finish disarming ourselves even as we're shipping what nukes we have left to Tehran?  There's a bargain.

"We will continue to protect our friends in the region, especially Israel, from Iran's destabilizing activities," he said in the Tuesday remarks.

No we won't.  We did this "deal" instead.

"As I told some of the more than 35,000 American troops in the region when I visited last month: Deal or no deal, the United States military will remain 'full speed ahead.' "

....into blanket discharge and disbandment.

"Our strategy toward Iran includes, but is not limited to the agreement," he added, nevertheless calling the agreement a "good" one.

Which means our strategy toward Iran is...."limited to the agreement".

Isn't Ash cute when he dissembles like this?

AND we have Lurch's ROCK-SOLID ASSURANCE that the mullahs will "never be free" to get the nuclear weapons they're amassing daily at a terrifying rate.

Hey, if we're all going to die as a result of this madness, we might as well enjoy a hearty guffaw or two before we burn.

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