Monday, September 21, 2015


By Douglas V. Gibbs

There is an old saying, "Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it."

We are being told to obey government, despite our Christian beliefs.  To not do as you are told means you are automatically a "hater," "racist," "bigot," or "anarchist."  Some liberal left Democrats have told me that the New Testament Book of Romans, Chapter 13 demands that Christians obey the government because in that part of the Bible Paul says that God has given us the government as a minister of righteousness. It is our duty to obey it.

Ungodly government, government that demands that we turn our backs on our faith, however, calls into play Scripture that says, "when the government calls for one to disobey God, then civil disobedience is in order."

A woman, in the name of Christianity, has refused to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals in Kentucky and has been jailed for it.  Christian bakers in Colorado refused to bake a wedding cake for a homosexual couple, was sued, and ultimately lost their place of business and went bankrupt for daring to stand against the government's homosexual agenda.  A pizzeria in Indiana that refused to cater to a gay wedding reception was forced to close down after its entanglement with the government established religion of homosexual-supporting secularism and humanism.  The mayor of Houston demanded to see the sermons of pastors to make sure they weren't daring to say anything "anti-gay." A member of the Air Force faced court martial for verbally opposing gay marriage. A homosexual has been appointed as head of the Army. A Florida teacher was suspended for posting "Anti-Gay Marriage Views" on Facebook. School suspended a black woman who objected to the idea that homosexuality is a civil right. A Texas School punished a Christian teen for voicing his opinion against homosexuality. A University removed a Christian from a counseling program due to his belief that homosexuality is immoral. Christian charities are being attacked by Gay activists. Bricks have been thrown through doors and windows of Christian facilities. "Homosexual activists are pressuring PayPal to not handle donations made to groups that promote traditional values . . . Founder Peter LaBarbera [of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality] refers to it as "homofascism in action," as it asks people to stop financially supporting Christian groups, which the homosexual activists refer to as "hate groups." A professor required a student to stomp on a piece of paper with Jesus Christ's name on it.

Just because government has unconstitutionally legalized gay marriage through the opinions of men in black robes does not mean that it is no longer a sin, or that the faith of Christians must be forced by government to adjust to the demands of homosexuals, whether Christians like it or not.

History tells us of this kind of thing happening before.

According to an article by Jerry Newcombe, Nazi Germany pulled the same kind of tactic.  As Mr. Newcombe points out in his article, I am not saying the liberal left or homosexuals are Nazis.  I am saying that they are using the same tactics as the totalitarian Nazis did less than a century ago.  During that time period, the Nazis invaded Norway, and today's Christians in America can take a lesson from the Norwegians of that time period.

Newcombe writes:

There’s a great lesson to learn from one aspect of World War II related to distortions of Romans 13...the Nazis quoted Scripture in order to demand unquestioning obedience.
On April 9, 1940, without any warning or provocation, the Germans invaded Norway. It was an unexpected battle and an unfair fight with 400,000 German Wehrmacht versus a nation not expecting it. This nightmare lasted until May 1945.

When the Nazis took over Norway, a country full of “pure Aryans,” they expected the Norwegians to fully participate in their attempts to glorify the "master race" and purge the “undesirables” from humanity, such as Jews, Gypsies, and Slavs.
The Norwegians would have nothing to do with this. So they resisted, usually in every peaceful way they could. Much of the battle was fought over distributing accurate information.
In Oslo, there is a museum (Norges Hjemmefront Resistance Museum) dedicated to the resistance movement in World War II. They have a plaque there in English: “In Norway, Nazi ideology was defeated by the democratic forces rooted in a national, Christian culture.”
While the Nazis won militarily (until the end of the war), they never came close to winning the hearts and minds of the people.
So where are the church congregations as we are being attacked in America?  Where are the pastors?

I have spoken with a number of pastors, and I can break them up into four groups.

1.  There are those that say their duty is to evangelize, and they do not want to hurt their message by participating in politics.

2.  There are those that say they agree and want to participate.  They were unaware of what is going on, because they have been taught to remain within the four walls of their church.

3.  There are those that fear losing their non-profit status if they get involved politically, to which I ask, "For how many pieces of silver are you willing to sell out God's Law?"  Besides, according to the Liberty Counsel, churches don't lose their non-profit status. . . or at least not yet.

4.  There are those that say they are for the fight, and are already involved in resisting evil.

I simply ask of you, the reader, "When you are put into a position to obey the government, or resist evil, which are you willing to do?  What are you doing about it?"

We must also consider that while the gay agenda proclaims that the "struggle for gay rights" is a civil rights issue, it is clearly not.  Homosexuality is a behavior that can be changed.  There are former homosexuals, and their very presence in society puts into question the claim that homosexuality is immutable.  As a friend of mine says, "Change is possible."

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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