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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Radio Revolution: Reaching the Millennial Generation

Let's get our radio day rolling by busting out with one of the largest issues of the day. . . How do we reach the millennial generation.

The youngsters are always the ones the political minds are seeking.  The Democrats have always been very good at retrieving the young minds of the newest voters.  The Republicans haven't done diddly-poo to reach the younger generation.  And the millennials have noticed, buying into the never-ending stereotype that the GOP if filled with a bunch of old white guys that are out of touch, and partial to the rich old white guys that are a part of the corporate wall of oppression that has been amply combated against by the knights of fairness in the Democrat Party.

The millennials don't realize that they've been lied to.

Well, some of them do know they've been lied to, and the twenty-somethings are not happy with what they've seen from President Obama.  The question is, "How can the Grand Ol' Party capitalize on the younger generation's disillusionment with the Obamacrats?"

Today, on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs at 1:00 pm on KMET 1490-AM, we are answering that question.  My guest is Katie Kieffer, author of "Let me be Clear."  She believes she has the recipe for seeking and capturing the Millennial Generation.

Katie will also be the guest speaker on at the Murrieta-Temecula Republican Assembly on October 2.  Be sure to RSVP for the event. . .

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