Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Red China Not Sweating Trump

by JASmius

And I suspect that would remain their outlook on Sino-American relations even if Trump managed to somehow win the White House:

China understands people in the United States have the right to say what they want, but most want good relations with China, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday, apparently dismissing repeated attacks by billionaire Donald Trump as "disturbances".

The Republican presidential hopeful has recently focused his ire on China's currency, which the government devalued last month. He has also accused China of stealing U.S. jobs.

Chinese President Xi Jinping visits the United States later this month.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying would not comment directly on Trump's broadsides, and noted last week's visit to China by U.S. National Security Adviser Susan Rice, saying both countries wanted a successful visit for Xi.

"We understand that in the United States every person has the freedom to make all kinds of comments. But for the Chinese government, we pay even more attention to the U.S. government's policy towards China and mainstream U.S. public opinion," she said.

There are several interesting takeaways from that statement:

(1) The ChiComms are clearly not falling under the Trump spell that has ensorseled so many American conservatives who, again, should know better.

(2) They are dealing with the current regime in Washington, not one that may or may not exist in a few years.

(3) They are implicitly not impressed with Trump and don't think he's ever going to actually become POTUS.

(4) They are dismissive of the U.S. in general and are sending us a veiled warning to "maintain good relations" with them - or else.

And if Trump did sweep to the presidency next year?  We would see just how far his tough-guy rhetoric without any practical way of backing it up would get us.  Which is to say, either nationally humiliated....or worse.

Teddy Roosevelt may have been a "progressive" jackass, but he was right about "speaking softly and carrying a big stick".  Trump would be in the diametric opposite position.  Something for overemotive, insatiably angry Tea Party Trumpsters to start getting and keeping in mind.

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