Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Russia Building Nuclear Submarine Drone

by JASmius

Gee, I wonder how the Russkies could have obtained the technology to "develop" a gizmo like that.  Hmmmm.....:

Russia hopes to destroy key U.S. harbors and coastal cities through a secret drone submarine that is being developed, according to news reports Tuesday.

"This is an unmanned sub that will have a high-speed and long-distance capability," a Pentagon official told the Washington Free Beacon.

But the development of the weapon — known as a developmental unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) — is years away from a prototype and testing, the official said.

Which means, given the standard "ALL IS WELL!  ALL IS WELL!" credibility of the Obama Regime, that the Russians have probably already deployed the UUV off our Alaskan, Pacific, Atlantic, and Gulf coasts, just waiting for Vlad's attack signal.

This following additional little detail certainly made my morning:

Under the program, named "Kanyon" by Pentagon officials, the drone would carry warheads with "megaton"-sized nuclear bombs that could destroy critical ports used by U.S. nuclear missile submarines, the Free Beacon reports.

These include ports in Kings Bay, Georgia, and Puget Sound in Washington State. A megaton equals one million tons of TNT.

A nuclear blast from such a submarine "would create massive damage over wide areas," according to the Free Beacon. [emphasis added]

Oh, joy.

Yeah, Barack Obama hit the "reset button" on Russo-American relations, alright - right back to the "Red Dawn" era.

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