Monday, September 14, 2015

Uh-Oh: John McCain Endorses....Donald Trump (Almost)

by JASmius

Well, okay, it's not quite an endorsement; Arizona's senior senator and Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee said yesterday that he'd have no problem or hesitation about backing the billionaire slumlord, conman, and leftwing troll if he successfully completes his hostile takeover of the Republican Party by seizing its presidential nomination next year.

I know how I interpret that declaration; I can only wonder how Tea Party Trumpsters are going to react to it:

Even though Donald Trump raised questions about John McCain's war service earlier this summer, the veteran Arizona senator says he'll still support the New York real estate mogul's bid for the presidency should he win the GOP nomination.

"It's hard to predict because a lot of things happen between now and then, but I certainly would support the nominee, no matter who it is," the Arizona Republican, who was the GOP nominee in 2008, told the Hill.

Here's the logic of this statement, folks: If Donald Trump really was the "rightwing savior" of TPTers' fevered fantasies, I can't see a RINO skunk like Sailor ever supporting him at any time under any circumstances.  Can you?  If Trump is everything you people say he is, then he and Darth Queeg are diametric opposites, black and white, yin and yang, Jedi and Sith.  Trump tried to destroy McCain two months ago, and the latter at the very least should be non-committal about unconditional support for the eventual GOP nominee, given how high Trump has risen in the polls.

That raises one of two possibilities: (1) The hated and loathed "GOP establishment" is showing all the political "grace" to Trump that he refuses to reciprocate (unless he gets what he wants - i.e. the GOP nomination - which used to be defined as "extortion"); or (2) McCain recognizes a fellow "progressive" when he sees one, knows how he would REALLY govern as president, and really wouldn't have any difficulty supporting a man so sympatico with his own worldview.

And don't look now, TPTers, but it isn't just McCain:

McCain's not the only Republican senator who plans to support whoever becomes the GOP nominee, even though some of them are reluctant about him.

"I can't see myself saying a Democrat candidate would be better for the country," said Iowa Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Which is exactly what Trump is, but I digress.

Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, where Governor John Kasich is seeking [the nation's highest] office, also said he intends to support Trump if he's nominated.

"I guess you could come up with some scenario where something crazy could happen but I think the country's in trouble and I think if we don't have new leadership and new policies, it's hard to imagine it getting back on track," Portman told the Hill.

And, of course, Trump would provide neither.

Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander, meanwhile, said that he's always supported the GOP nominee, but "that's as far as I'm going on presidential politics."

Given that Tea Party Trump supporters run on nothing but high-octane emotion, I would think that they wouldn't want any GOP "establishment" support for their "messiah".  It doesn't fit their red-hazed mindset of the Republican leadership as the "enemy".  They're all supposed to be wailing and gnashing their teeth and, in the words of Dylan Thomas, "raging, raging against the dying of the light".  How else can the pompadoured, loudmouthed "Moses" "slay" them with his machine-gun motormouth and "fire" them for good measure?  Isn't that the endgame you people are looking for?

Oh, but have no fear, ladies and gentlemen, if there's one thing we've learned over the past three months, it's that TPTers can rationalize away any "inconvenient truth" about their hero.  So this will be greeted with smug comments about "they know when they're beaten" and "The Donald has made Boehner and McConnell his bitches," and so forth.

Which would be funny, because Mitchie The Kid endorsed Rand Paul a long time ago.  Which just illustrates that the Paulnuts are all RINO/squish traitors as well, right?

Still, as long as TPTers have at least one "establishment" boogeyman to burn in effigy, they'll be happy, I imagine.

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