Tuesday, September 08, 2015

U.S. Must Take In ISIS-Infiltrated Syrian Refugees Says....Donald Trump

by JASmius

My Tea Party Trumpster friends, I want you to calm down, sit still, and listen carefully for the next several paragraphs.  I don't care how you have to do it - breathing into a plastic bag, barbiturates, chloroform, a mild concussion - but you really, really need to pay attention to what follows.

1) ISIS is hell-bent on destroying us by any means they can get their hands on:

The Islamic State is responsible for more terrorism cases being uncovered in the United States this year than in any year since the 9/11 attacks — and the number of cases involving "homegrown violent jihadists" has grown three-fold in the past five years.

And a year after the U.S.-led coalition began [pretend] airstrikes against ISIS, they "have largely failed," according to the monthly "Terror Report Snapshot" released Tuesday by the Republican members of the House Homeland Security Committee.

"The terror threat level in the U.S. homeland is high, and the situation is getting steadily worse," the report says, later adding, "globally, ISIS is fueling the Islamist terror wildfire — and at unprecedented speed."

2) The Syrian refugee crisis and the nationally suicidal compulsion of Western countries to open their borders and accept the entire baying deluge of Muslim migrants is a perfect and ready-made Trojan Horse for a veritable invading ISIS army:

[Despite phony and empty] assurances that there are no Islamic State agents included in the massive flood of Syrian refugees, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul said Tuesday he can't support allowing them into the United States.

"I can't support a policy that would allow a jihadist pipeline into the United States," the Texas-10 Republican told Fox News' Fox and Friends program. "We've read their documents themselves when they talk about exploiting the refugee issue to get into the United States."

Federal and intelligence officials are very compassionate on the issue, McCaul said, and he thinks the migration is a "tragedy of extraordinary proportions," but at the same time, "we've got to do this thing right. [Bringing] thousands of Syrians into the United States, not knowing who they are, I think would be very irresponsible."

It would be more than "very irresponsible"; it would be nucking futs.  It would be an engraved invitation for ISIS to send its jihadist hordes here to wreak havoc and slaughter Americans on an unprecedented scale in our own country.  And that would be in addition to Barack Obama's ongoing project to "demographically transform" America into a functionally Muslim country, the endgame of which is already approaching in Europe with the Muslim refugee influx over there.

3) Guess which "Republican frontrunner" is all for taking in as many "Syrian refugees" as we possibly can?:

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump says that the United States will have to accept some of the refugees fleeing the chaos in Syria.

Appearing Tuesday on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor, Trump said he does worry that some in the group could be terrorists and said a screening process will be needed.

"But something has to be done," he said. "It's an unbelievable humanitarian problem."

Kinda clashes spectacularly with the issue gimmick - immigration - that got him where he is today, doesn't it?  As a matter of fact, Trump has now put himself on the same side of this particular issue with Senator Marco Rubio - you know, the face of "comprehensive immigration reform" a couple of years ago - and - wait for it....wait for it - Senator Lindsey Graham, the ultimate GOP border eraser along with his "old buddy" Senator John McCain and the same guy whose cell phone number he scrawled all over media bathroom walls back in July.

Donald and Lindsey, sitting in a tree....

I know your hero is bulletproof and can do no wrong in your eyes, TPTers, but doesn't his call for the country to open our borders to a jihadist- infested Muslim tide that he pretends to want to deny to Hispanics at least create the urge to do the slightest double-take?

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