Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Whaddaya Know? There ARE "U.S.-Trained Syrian Rebels"

by JASmius

....all FIVE of them:

There are only four or five fighters left from a group of fifty-four Syrian rebels trained under a highly touted $500 million, U.S.-funded program to beat back Islamic State (ISIS) militants, a top military commander for operations in the Middle East says.

Half a billion dollars.  Planned Parenthood's annual federal subsidy.  What it cost Colonel Stryker to infuse adamantium onto Wolverine's skeleton to make him indestructible.  The first is abhorrent, the second is cool, but one thing they have in common is that at least something tangible was and is received in exchange for that exorbitant expenditure.

The most the Obama Regime could have gotten for it would have come at a unit cost of $10,000,000 per "rebel".  Instead, it's $100,000,000 per "rebel".  And soon, it'll have been worse than just throwing the half-bil in a big pile and burning it.

Another 100-120 fighters will be trained in the program’s three remaining classes, officials testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, NBC News reports.

So another whole billion?  That "rebel" platoon should last to Christmas, I'd guess.

Prepare yourselves to be dazzled yet again by The One's strategic acumen:

Barack Obama said last year that strengthening the Syrian rebels represented the "the best counterweight" to ISIS militants, NBC News notes.

As opposed to the U.S. military that already stamped them out once before.

ISIS, by the way, even by the low-balled "official" estimate, outnumbers O's "rebels" six thousand to one.

But General Lloyd Austin, who leads the U.S. military’s Central Command, conceded the program is behind schedule and that initial training targets won't be met, NBC News reports.

It's not "behind schedule"; it doesn't work.  Remember, this is the same Regime that trained the Iraqi "army" that has repeatedly cut and run away from ISIS, leaving all their shiny new U.S.-provided equipment behind for the Islamic State hordes to pick up.  Hiring Barack Obama to train Syrian "rebels" is akin to hiring Rich Kotite to coach your NFL franchise after his 4-28 New York Jets stint.

But, hey, Barry, credit where credit is due: You proved me wrong about there being no Syrian "rebels".  For now.

Exit quote: "What I want to know is, why did Austin feel compelled to mention those four or five instead of saying that America effectively has no rebel presence inside Syria at the moment? It’s as if he wanted to make sure Congress understands that we’ve made some progress, “progress” meaning just enough guys to form a basketball team. Give Obama a few more months and who knows? We might have enough to field a football team."

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