Monday, September 07, 2015

Why Trump Leads

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As the season for the 2016 Presidential Election continues its course, Donald Trump has maintained a fairly good lead over the rest of the candidates. . . save for, perhaps, Ben Carson.  Carly Fiorina is also picking up some steam, moving up from the debate "kiddie table" to the top polling candidate neighborhood.  Love or hate any of these candidates, the message is clear.  Voters are sick and tired of politicians, the establishment, and "business as usual."

The rise of the candidates with no political experience was to be expected.  It is a natural progression.  The public has been screaming and shouting for a long time, and each time they are ignored, and the filet mignon they send to Washington becomes ground beef like the rest of them, the informed members of the populace move to the next step in the hierarchy of tactics.  If at first you don't succeed, fire away with a louder gun.

Liberal left progressive statist socialist commie Democrats took full advantage of grumblings that were bubbling up from the cauldron while George W. Bush was President of the United States, so they changed their position on a number of issues, and launched a propaganda campaign against Bush that not only ensured they'd take the White House in 2008, but the battle tactic also set back the conservatives of the Republican Party a generation or two.  Despite the reality that over 60% of this country is populated by faith-based God-fearing folk, people who fly the flag of liberty and adhere to the original intent of the rule of law, the uninformed segment of the nation was text-messaged and stirred into action by the Democrats to run to the supportive aid of a blank slate named Obama.  His "Hope and Change" mantra was what a weary public in the cities had been waiting to hear, and upon this empty vessel they placed all of their hopes, all of their desires, and all of their wishes for change.  Barack Obama was the savior, the messiah, the one they had all been waiting for.

To keep the uninformed in their corner as the honeymoon with Obama wore off and the reality of who he is began to become apparent, the Democrats pulled into the argument allegations of racism, bigotry, and hate against any and all who dared to speak out against the historic President.  Fear of reprisal became the weapon of choice.  The opposition was ridiculed into silence.

The silenced majority, however, was not stupid, so in retaliation they sprang up as a Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already, a non-partisan movement that called for a return to the basics, a return to the foundation that made America great in the first place.  In 2010, these folks gave the House of Representatives back to the Republicans, fully expecting these new warriors in Washington to stand against the tyranny rising at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  But the newbies wandering the Halls of Congress fizzled out, gave in, and succumbed to the demands of the establishment.  The new warriors did very little, and the level of disappointment among those that voted their Tea Party favorites into office became despair.  And when Obama won reelection in 2012, it became apparent that the tendrils of the liberal left progressive statist socialist communists reached deeper than originally believed, and a feeling of hopelessness began to rise among the Tea Party faithful.

In 2014, as they did with the House of Representatives in 2010, the Tea Party folks and the conservatives of the Republican Party staged another upset, deciding that one more push might restore the republic, and this time the Republicans gained the U.S. Senate, while strengthening their hold on the House of Representatives.

"This should stop the madness," the Americans for Liberty thought.  "This is what we've been waiting for."

Except, Barack Obama did not become a lame-duck president.  He didn't concede defeat, and bow down to the will of the people, or suddenly begin working with the Republican dominated Congress as the people demanded.  Obama looked upon the Constitution, the one that he had been spitting on since the day he stepped into the White House, and he lit it on fire.

The meat grinder of Washington worked on those Republicans, grinding away at them, filling them with despair and a lack of hope.  "We can't pursue this bill or that bill," they would say.  "The Great Obama will veto it.  We have no power over him.  He will do what he wants, anyway."

And once again, We the People shook our heads in disappointment, many becoming disillusioned and pessimistic.  "There is no way we can win it.  Every time we take action, the cowards of the Republican Party desert us, they give up, they refuse to fight for what we want.  They refuse to stand firm against the tyrant."

Perhaps the problem, the people have reasoned, includes the Republican Party.  "Perhaps we need non-politicians.  Perhaps we need a knight with a bright and shiny blade, and a powerful shield, to defend us, and finally make America great again."

Donald Trump is a businessman.  He is a marketing genius.  He saw the despair, and took the opportunity to rise up as a result.  He is saying the things we have been waiting to hear.  He has been strong against the liberal left progressive statist socialist commie bastards, saying harsh things, and proclaiming that it is his goal to "Make America Great Again."  I love what he is saying.  I appreciate his boldness and style of direct confrontation.  In his wake, the other non-politicians are also on the rise.  Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have carved their own niche, created their own bubbles of success in the race for the 2016 Presidential Election.  The Republican Party has left the People, so the voters are now seeking heroes outside the party.

The movement is deepening, and Donald Trump is cashing in every step of the way.

I don't know if I am prepared to be as harsh on folks like Donald Trump as has been one of my writers at Political Pistachio, JASmius.  But on the same token, I approach the Trump candidacy with a very wary eye.  As a political pundit, I don't jump on band wagons, I don't chase fads, and I definitely study a candidate's history and associations if I don't have a voting record or any other kind of record, to draw from.

From the beginning I have been a supporter of Scott Walker.  He has an impeccable and accomplished record as governor in the State of Wisconsin.  That kind of executive experience, lumped with a willingness to stand firm against the madness of the liberal left, and do so successfully in a blue State, is exactly what we need in the White House.  And, as son of a Baptist Preacher, he has positions on social issues that agree with my preferences, as well.

Ted Cruz, though sometimes reckless with his tactics, is undoubtedly a conservative warrior, and aside from maybe Rand Paul (who has had a very weak showing in this campaign season), Cruz understands the text and original intent of the United States Constitution better than the rest.  There are some eligibility questions associated with Cruz, if you go with the original definition of natural born citizen, but of the herd, he's one that should be, and has been, consistently near the top of the polls, or at least within the vicinity of the front runners, while creating a certain amount of separation from the rest of the cattle.

But, who else, other than the non-political trio, stands out?  Jeb Bush?  He takes the definition of RINO and adds a few more lines of liberalism to it.  If he has any chance at all, it would be because he has a familiar name.  But "Bush" is not exactly a name people relish when it comes to the next person in line to gain the White House.  Besides, do we really think we'd be better off with another Bush in Washington?  Sure, he'd be slightly better than Obama, but can't we as voters do better than someone who is "slightly" better than Obama?

It has gotten so bad that Romney's name is starting to float around again.

Which brings us back to Trump.

Of course he's doing well.  Of course Donald Trump is sitting on top of the Republican Party polls for President of the United States.  A movement has begun that is sick and tired of business as usual, is very dissatisfied with the political class, and the public has been waiting for a warrior that pulls no punches, and vows to make America great again.  Build the wall.  Turn the economy around.  Punch the Chinese in the financial nose.  Be strong against ISIS.  Stop the Islamization of America.  Do something about the failed policies of the Obama administration.  "Anything," the people are crying out, "do anything to stop the madness.  We can't trust the Republicans anymore, so Mr. Trump, we give you our support."

I've looked under Trump's skirt, and like Hillary's, it's not a pretty sight.  His history is a mixture of ideologies, and he has continually raced to seek opportunities rather than stand firm on a particular political belief.  I like what Trump is saying.  I like the fact that he has the politicians nervous, and is shaking everything up.  I simply ask, "Are you sure you can trust him?  Does he really believe everything he is saying?"

For those of you that support Trump, if he wins this thing, I hope you are right about what you think about him.  I hope Trump is everything you believe him to be.

As for me, I am not so sure.

-- Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

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