Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A "Fiery" Hillary Clinton @ Democrat Debate Tonight?

by JASmius

Are the Ugly Dutchess's remaining supporters being careful about for what they are wishing....?

It seems to me that the only thing that changes with this woman when she becomes more "fiery"" is that she becomes louder and even more shrill.  Hence the nickname, "Shrillary".

Besides which, wouldn't this increase her stroke risk?:

Hillary Clinton's major donors are encouraging her to show more "fire" in tonight's fist Democrat presidential debate even as they worry that a charismatic Bernie Sanders is stealing much of the thunder, Politico reports.

Oh, now come on, Bernie Sanders may be a lot of things, but "charismatic" isn't one of them.  I think the term that Politico is looking for is "authentic".  Admittedly, compared to the Hillarybot 9000, which can be programmed to say and do just about anything as long as it furthers the jowly cyborg's political ambitions, even Zombie Walter Mondale could seem "charismatic" by contrast, but let's not confuse our terminology here, shall we?

“There’s a deep hunger for more action and more fire in the belly, and lots of worry all the energy is with Bernie,” said a major [Rodham] bundler in New York. “Donors are the base, and they like red meat the same way the [extrem]ist wing of the party does. … Donors and bundlers are all momentum people like everyone else."

There's plenty of action, pal.  Hillary is trying furiously to make herself look to the Left of Lenin.  If that's not enough action for you, you're obviously not looking in the right place.

As to "fire in the belly," the Empress is making herculean efforts to fake that as well.  Although they aren't having much of an effect.  That's why Weekend Bernie has blown past Mrs. Clinton like a radar-guided missile losing its target lock.  Most voters can tell the difference between genuine and artificial passion.  Senator Sanders is a proud communist and makes no bones about it.  Her Nib is a turd-in-every-pocket chameleon who'll say and do anything to gain more money and power, and she doesn't have her husband's preternatural ability to sell it.  That's a rather gaping contrast to paper over for a woman who is the antithesis of "limber".

But remember, a good deal of Sanders's momentum derives from him being the default "Anybody But Hillary".  That's why all current polling indicates that if Joe Biden jumps into the race with both feet, he'll blow away both of them.

In the mean time, kick back and enjoy tonight's three-on-one handicap match.  Anybody know what the over/under is on how long it will take to break Hillary's composure?

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