Friday, October 09, 2015

ABC 7 Report Regarding Harry Ramos Outed as Mayor

By Douglas V. Gibbs

After I explained on Thursday that the charges against Murrieta's former Mayor, Harry Ramos, are ridiculous, unfounded, and are completely based on hearsay, ABC 7 asked me to make a statement outside.  They talked to me for about ten minutes, and the part of the conversation they used for public consumption was among the most important.

The discussion with ABC7 had turned to the sexual harassment charge by a woman named Kathleen Smith who alleges that Harry Ramos made advances on her about seven months ago at a mixer.  Six months after the alleged sexual harassment, during the code of conduct investigation, suddenly the accusation came to light.  Why didn't the woman report the harassment when it happened?  Why didn't anyone else report it?  How is it that this horrendous thing happened in the parking lot of a mixer where many of Ramos' potential enemies were at, and nobody said anything for six months?

The news story also refers to the allegation that Ramos tried to get his wife out of a speeding ticket, a misuse of power according to the report.  Except, that is not what happened.  She accepted the speeding ticket.  Paying the ticket was the intent.  His wife didn't like how the officer treated her during the encounter and so she lodged a complaint. . . not to get out of the ticket, but to ensure some kind of action was taken regarding the officer that had treated her in a manner unbecoming of a police officer (or in this case, a Temecula area CHP officer).

Every allegation against Mr. Ramos is either out of context, or completely unsubstantiated hearsay. . . but the truth never mattered in this situation involving Harry Ramos.  There is an agenda in place, and he was easily attacked and discharged for not fitting nicely into the agenda.  It's the local elitist "Rick and Rick Show" (Rick Dudley: City Manager, Rick Gibbs: Senior Councilmember), and Harry does not fit into their plans because of how he votes, largely because he votes against high density housing.  He was targeted and removed.  It's political theater at its greatest.  While we scratch our heads over the shenanigans in Washington and Sacramento, we forget that it is even worse at the city level.

Believe me, however, those that are corrupt in the City of Murrieta will eventually be called out.  You can only do wrong for so long as Rick Gibbs and Rick Dudley has done before it catches up to you.  They sacrificed Harry Ramos, attacked and smeared his character, for a political agenda.  In the end, one's sin is always found out.  I have no doubt that in the end, Mr. Ramos will have the last laugh.

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