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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

An ISIS Refresher, Or "What We're Not Fighting Against"

by JASmius

Just like Chris Harper Mercer if he'd had the time:

Islamic State (ISIS) militants cut off the fingertips of a twelve-year-old boy while his Christian pastor father watched and was told the torture would stop if the father renounced Christianity and returned to Islam, according to a report by the website Christian Aid Mission.

The father refused, and both father and son, along with two aides in their twenties were beheaded and crucified. The incident reportedly occurred a month ago in an undisclosed village near Aleppo.

The group was part of a group of aid workers who decided to stay in the region to proclaim the gospel even after being warned to leave by the minister who trained them.

"I asked them to leave, but I gave them the freedom to choose," the ministry director, who was not named, told the website. "As their leader, I should have insisted that they leave."

Should this pastor have fled as well, especially since his young son was also at risk?  I leave that to you to decide.

But "make no mistake": after the Islamic State "militants" themselves, the blood of these brothers in Christ is on Barack Obama's hands, every bit as much as the evangelical blood shed in Roseberg, Oregon, last week.

And he's just fine and dandy with that.

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