Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Arrested for Dissent

By Douglas V. Gibbs

I was talking to a Cuban Exile this morning (he called himself a Cuban Refugee), and he told me a story about his father.  His father worked for the old government in Cuba before the revolution, and owned a large piece of property.  Once Fidel Castro took over, the man refused to accept communism.  Because of his rejection of Marxism, he was given a choice; Give in and become a Marxist, or go to a concentration camp.  My friend, during his father's imprisonment, finally came with his mother to America in 1968.  His father followed six months later.

The story is typical.  I have talked to a number of Cuban exiles, and folks that grew up in communist countries that were once a part of the Soviet Union, and it is always the same when they talk about life in those countries: accept the agenda, or be arrested.

Now, in our own country, Kim Davis refused to accept the gay agenda being forced upon us, based on her religious beliefs.  The Homosexual Agenda has demanded acceptance, or else any person or group that shows dissent will be arrested.  Their goal includes going after pastors and Christian institutions.  Businesses have already been targeted, be they bakers, pizza restaurants, or otherwise.  Anyone associated with these "haters," such as any legal representation, is also targeted, and labeled as a "hate group."

The message is: Treat homosexuality as acceptable, or be arrested, fined, sent into bankruptcy, or silenced by ridicule.  Comply, or be punished by the full force of law (or the full force of a hateful society).

The same has been going on regarding the slaughter of unborn babies.  In California, effective January 2016, with AB775, pro-life pregnancy centers will be required to give information to customers about where to find abortion clinics.  The group that video taped Planned Parenthood workers discussing selling aborted body parts on the black market have been attacked repeatedly.  Dissent against the slaughter of unborn babies is considered a "War on Women," and it won't be long before the abortionists begin to use the homosexual agenda's tactic of arrested those that dare to voice dissent.

How long before we see another Sedition Act?  How long before Tea Party meetings are busted up by law enforcement, and the attendees hauled off for daring to stand against the madness of the communists in the American federal government?

It happened in Cuba.  It happened in the Soviet Union.  It happened in Nazi Germany.  Now, thanks to the liberal left Democrats, the abortionists, and the tyrannical homosexual agenda, it is happening here in America.

Are you standing firm in dissent?

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