Thursday, October 29, 2015

Barack Obama To Start Using White House Ladies Room

by JASmius

Judging by this friend of the court brief, he's probably been doing so for years already.

Heck, he's probably always put the seat down, too:

In a historic show of [force] for transgender civil rights, the Obama administration filed a legal brief in federal appeals court backing a "transgender" student’s sex discrimination lawsuit Wednesday.

The friend-of-the-court brief supports a lawsuit filed against Virginia’s Gloucester County School District by sixteen-year-old Ga[brielle - or maybe it's Gayle] Grimm, a [fe]male student who is challenging the district’s ban on students who wish to use restrooms corresponding with their [mental infirmity] rather than their [actual] sex. BuzzFeed first reported about the filing.

And we followed up on it.

[Miss] Grimm appealed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals after a federal district court judge rejected h[er] request for an injunction against the school’s policy, which barred h[er] from using male restrooms. The administration’s filing claims that the district’s policy constitutes sex discrimination and therefore violates Title IX of the Education Act of 1972.

Which is bullshit because Grimm is female, not male, which is a scientifically and genetically incontrovertible fact that cannot be changed by wardrobe, drugs, surgery, or psychological abuse.  Most likely that was why the federal district court judge threw out her lawsuit.

The Fourth Circuit has a 10.5-7.5 Democrat (-appointed) majority, so Miss Grimm will probably get her wish, in the event of which the Gloucester County School District would probably capitulate.  If not, then the case will go to the SCOTUS, where Justice Kennedy will be warming up in the bullpen for another "landmark" decision that will shove "transgender" insanity down the public's gullet like he did sodomarriage this past summer.

I'd imagine that Michelle will be using the White House men's room as well.

Exit question from Jazz Shaw: "I thought that the Democrats prided themselves on being the Party of Science and insist that the GOP is the home of the Science Deniers. What ever happened to that?"

Exit answer: These are the same people who claim that their global warming hoax is "scentific" despite all their data cherry-picking.  What else did you expect?

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