Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ben Carson Catches Donald Trump

by JASmius

The last thing we need in the Oval Office after that past near-decade of "Beelzebub Amateur Hour" is another "outsider".  We need experienced, true "insider" leadership in our next president, not more on-the-job training.

But Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has already dropped out, and the public won't listen to rational arguments, reason, and logic, preferring to wallow in a bog of raw, destructive, foolish emotion.

That's the context in which the following story qualifies as good news - or, rather, the best news we're going to get:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is now just one point behind front-runner Donald Trump in a new Fox News poll released Tuesday — and he could beat Democrat Hillary Clinton with at least 50% of the vote.

Carson, the retired pediatric neurosurgeon who has consistently placed behind Trump in recent surveys, finished the Fox poll of 1,004 voters at 23%. Trump remained in the lead, at 24%.

Uh-uh, jack; that is a flat-footed, statistical tie.  Which means, as well, that Donald Trump is no longer the "GOP front-runner," at least for now.

Support for Carson has nearly doubled over the past two months, as "he is seen by voters as being more ethical than others," Fox reports.

More ethical, more calm, more reasonable, more thoughtful, more....sane.  The adult in the room, as it were.  The "calm, steady (if completely neophyte) hand on the ship of state" that more and more Americans are realizing we DON'T have now.

Also, more authentic.  Nobody knows what Donald Trump really stands for (although his core supporters also don't care), but everybody knows what Dr. Carson believes, why, and that he means everything he says and won't be flopping around on every issue like a gaffed fish in the bottom of a boat.

Which does much to also explain this result:

In a hypothetical match-up with [Mrs.] Clinton, Carson would beat the Democrat former first lady by 50%-39%.

Think of it as a "black president re-boot".  The first try was an unmitigated, unparalleled disaster, but maybe the second time will be the charm.

I'd still prefer Governor Walker, but if an "outsider" is mandatory, Dr. C is the best we're going to get.

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