Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Canada Takes Massive Turn Back To The Left, Led By Boy Trudeau

by JASmius

Looks like Red Barry has gained another friend and fellow-traveler:

Canada's Liberals won a landslide general election victory Monday, with young leader Justin Trudeau ending a decade of Conservative rule with pledges to raise taxes on the rich in a struggling economy.

Because recessionary policies during a recession ALWAYS work.

For many Canadians the vote was a referendum on outgoing premier Stephen Harper's management style, criticized as autocratic, and on who was better placed to put a sputtering economy back on track.

In other words, Harper was the better choice, but Canadian voters thought he was a jerk.  Or, put another way, he was not considered as likable (or pretty) as pretty boy Trudeau.  A factor that presidential candidates like Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and Hillary Clinton would do well to take more seriously, and which, again, does much to explain Ben Carson's rise to frontrunner status.

Besides raising taxes on the richest Canadians, Trudeau, the youthful and good-looking son of the late and beloved ex-premier Pierre Trudeau, has said he will lower them for the middle class.

The standard leftwingnut canard.  It won't do anything to stimulate the Canadian economy the way lowering taxes on "the rich" would, but it always plays well to low-information voters.

Canada's economy contracted in the first half of this year. The country is the world's fifth largest oil producer and has suffered dearly from a big drop in prices for crude.

The primary, if not sole, reason that Canada's economy is struggling, and no fault at all of Stephen Harper's policies.  But when low-information voters' wallets start shrinking, rationality is the first thing to get blown out the nearest airlock.

And of course....

Trudeau has also pledged to take in thousands of refugees from Syria and battle climate change.

Canada will become a southbound jihadist expressway, and Keystone XL will die in north of the border as it has down here, which will drive the Canadian economy from recession into depression.

Which brings us to the latest "special relationship":

With the stunning sweep of elections Tuesday by Canada’s Liberal Party, U.S.-Canada relations are likely to be warmer under incoming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau replaces Conservative Stephen Harper....

“Harper and Obama didn’t have a warm relationship — not at all,” Tamara Woroby, professor of economics at the Washington D.C.-based Center for Canadian Studies at Johns Hopkins University. “There was not the instant rapport that U.S. presidents and Canadian prime ministers have had in the past, such as that which Ronald Reagan enjoyed with [Conservative Prime Minister] Brian Mulroney in the 1980s.

Such repore of which is usually ideological compatibility.  Stephen Harper is a conservative, so he was persona non grata to The One,  That will now change overnight with Justin Bieber Timberlake Credible Trudeau.

Or will it?  The youngster appears to have a narrow grasp on economic reality after all:

In breaking with previous Liberal Party leaders, Trudeau vowed to fight for Keystone XL with the corollary that he will add new environmental policies at home that might convince Barack Obama to relent and grant the permit.

“So Keystone could now possibly be built if Trudeau can convince Obama that the environmental safeguards will work,” said Woroby.

Not bloody likely.  Obama has already driven a stake through Keystone XL's heart.  And Boy Trudeau's very act of "fighting" for the pipeline (and Canada's economy) even in a token sense will discredit him as a "climate warrior" in the eyes of the American monarch.

But he's got nice hair, and his wife is hot, so there is that much.  Until that tsunami of imported jihadists wipes them out, anyway.

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